My  brother just got an insurance quote for the coming year on out ch 801 for 5 amu's... This seems ludicrous to me as I was around $1400/year on my 55 beech V before I sold it two weeks ago. 

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We're all getting hosed...sorry.  it's not bad enough the current admin is on the warpath against ga too... 

Letsggggggg... oops sorry. What meant to say was God bless us every one.

Good to see facts on an issue so relevant to E-AB ownership.   Nothing to do with "current admin".  Silly to think so.    It is long standing FAA policy holding out that Experimental aircraft are specifically a safety threat to national airspace.   

The problem lies with the major airlines influence at the FAA.  Can you say "Boeing 737Max"?   Want more proof??  See the FAA official position here.   

This document came from the PREVIOUS ADMIN's  appointee to the FAA Administrator position, Steve Dickson, who stepped down halfway through a five-year term.  Before coming to the FAA, Dickson spent nearly three decades at Delta Air Lines, retiring as the senior vice president of flight operations. - PAGE 5 of 8
DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Federal Aviation Administration 14 CFR Parts 61 and 141 [Docket No.: FAA-2021-0592]
Notification of Policy for Flight Training in Certain Aircraft --
A. Experimental Category Aircraft -- In general, the FAA places limitations on the use of aircraft that hold experimental airworthiness certificates because the airworthiness certification requirements for these aircraft impose no standard and pose unique operational risk to the national airspace system.

The fact I'm referring to doesn't have anything to do with the previous admin or the airlines. It’s the gas brother...I was referring to the current admins attitude towards petro based energy... in general they don't give a hang what happens to us our equipment. And they certainly don't care about your airplane hobby or my airplane vocation. 

If you think lgb doesn't have it out for your I/C car or airplane then you're burying your head in the sand.

My comment was a lament that we are all getting hit from every angle possible. It makes me mad as hell, not simply because my living is based on ga but because it’s part of my heritage going back to ww2 and before on both sides of the pond. 



Thanks for the clarification.   There is this:

GAMI Unleaded Avgas Approved For GA Piston Fleet (Updated)

See, this is the problem..."Slightly more" when we're already being plastered by a "lot more" gas prices. 

To my knowledge there has not been one "sustainable" petro product put on the market that's been worth half of whats been charged to us since this Quixotic bs environmental quest started.

To be honest I don't have any faith in environmentally forced industrial design or chemistry, I mean look what happened with the vaccine.... I'd bet you a sushi dinner a green ga gas will be as "safe and effective" as MRna technology.

My gripe is based on the daily abiding question bouncing around in my hollow nugget.....

How are we going to adapt? At a certain point, is ga eventually going to die the death of 10000 paper cuts?

I think you're misinterpreting that statement. EVERY category of aircraft poses a unique risk to the national aviation system. Experimentals are no different in that regard. That statement merely highlights the fact that different aircraft categories produced under different manufacturing standards represent unique risks, and thus have different operating standards intended to mitigate those risks. You can certainly argue a bias against Experimental category aircraft from some at the FAA, and there is a good body of evidence to support that argument. But that particular statement is not part of that bias.

Didn’t miss a thing Bob, Im overall bummed about what looks like an all court press on ga and eab. In fact my insurance for my 801 isn’t really too far off from what I had with the Bo. 


We've been bound for a week now. The underwriter is willing to cover the cfi for self check out ... 3 hours solo. On my brand new-ish 5 hour o350. Nice right?  The only alternative I have at this point would be to get him a zenith check out locally... but I still haven't had one reply from a single local owner within 100 miles.

in 2019 I was quoted over $5k with AVEMCO before going to EAA/FALCON. I got a policy for $1700 from hour zero with $85k hull value. I could have gotten $1400 on the renewal for the company I am with now but chose to stay with AIG until the next year when they jumped another $500. Still paying about $1700. I Should up the hull value now that I added constant speed prop.

$1176 for my CH601XL-b with 25k hull value.

$1382 for my Grumman AA-5B with 75k hull value.

EAA Falcon.  I built the Zodiac, and so was already a customer when I bought the Tiger.  My Zodiac was their poster airplane on all their advertising for a couple years, but I don't think that made any difference in my premiums.

PPSEL, live in TX, with just under 500 hours documented.  No claims ever, no DUI's, etc.

- Pat

Well, any hope of a decent reduction in future premiums is about to be blown away by hurricane Ian, starting with North Perry airport and several others to follow no doubt

I was quoted 3500. Rusty pilot. Called around and found 1800. May just fly w/o insurance and stay away from the cities here in AZ.


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