I’m in the process of rebuilding an 0200A and want to put a lightweight starter and

alternator on it.  If anyone is using the BC433-H gear driven alternator, did the drive

gear assembly from the original Cessna supplied unit fit okay on the BC one.  Or

does anyone have a better suggestion.


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I also wanted this alternator, but B&C told me I really needed to use the new-design gear drive and not the one that was on my old alternator. Seems there was a problem with the old gear where the bushing could disintegrate and foul up more than you wanted.

The new gear is in the $400-500 range (i might be a bit high on that, but it's at least a few hundred...)  That, plus the cost of the alternator kind of resulted in an expensive alternator.

Really want to find a workable solution, so please post here if you find one.

B&C won`t sell the BC433 with out installing the new style gear at there site   I bit the bullet but they had my money for a month before I received it.    Lee

Thanks Carl & Lee - seems there aren’t many options on the alternator.  Lots of cash to save a

few pounds.

Part of the problem, and I'm speculating here.... is that the only source for the infamous alternator drive gear is Continental. Every gear-drive alternator I've found is sold less the gear, so you're hosed one way or the other.  There are vacuum pump drive pad alternators available from B&C, PlanePower-Hartzel, and others. I'm not sure of that mount location since I'm not sure about inside-the-crankcase bevel gear spacers for the end of the cam. If I get it too tight, I don't want bronze gear pieces floating around in there. I haven't checked on it that hard just yet cuz I'm not at the point to start building my engine. I have all the parts, they've been yellow-tagged, etc., but still just sitting on a shelf.  I WAS thinking about just not running those gears at all.

there is also plane power at aircraft/spruce, there not as picky about the infamous gear, but a little more money

Thanks Lee,  I may go that route.  I contacted B&C and they said to mail them my gears and

they will let me know if they will use them.  I won’t count on it, but it’s worth a try.  I have no

idea whose alternator is more reliable - the BC one is just lighter and I’m trying to keep the

weight down as much as possible with the 0200 on the 650. 

Please let us know the result of this. At Oshkosh just this year, I *think* they said they cannot provide the new gears, but I could have been wrong / their position could have changed. They pointed me to a picture of the good gear vs the bad gear, and it was very apparent I had the older bad gear.

A smart guy that rebuilds these engines for a living told me a few years ago that "-Skytec lightweight starters are cheaper but B&C lightweight starters last longer"

I too need to get a new starter and alternator. I was planning to use the gear off the alternator but I think I may have tossed the whole thing in th garbage a few years ago when I ripped it apart. Doh! I understand that  the gear is a pricey part too but interesting to know that they may not have used it anyway.

I sent my gears to B&C last week and they agreed to use my gear, but said the 

hub/drive assembly needed replaced.  That part is 350 dollars. That really didn’t

surprise me since it did appear to have some wear.  Anyway,  I had them quote

the alternator and lightweight starter kit and I will order both.  Sometimes it’s hard

to know the best way to go, but they have been really good to communicate with.

I was comparing the Skytech to the B&C starter and it looks like the Skytech is about 2# lighter then the B&C (for an O200). Also turns out to be about $200 CAD cheaper.

Thanks Rob.  I have another motive for going with B&C.  They are located

here in Kansas within driving distance from me, seem to have a good reputation

and have been very quick to respond to my questions.  I guess time will tell if

I made the right decision.  I purchased a fairly high time 0200, am completely

rebuilding it and it’s also questionable about that decision.  Too late to turn back


I think I would rather the B&C too as I've heard good things - bearings instead of bushings etc. My alternator will be a B&C.


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