Zenith owners,

Is it worth the effort to try and get the EA/B owner/builder rating that my seller never got, or just realize that I'll never be allowed to do my own inspections and signoffs yearly until I build a new plane someday?

I am OK with performing the required and yearly maintenance myself and documenting it in aircraft logs (plus using KitLog with photos) of the work/mods I do as a running record for the annual inspections with an A&P - if I can find one.

Would rather not have to chase down A&Ps in Phoenix to look at an EA/B with a Corvair conversion (that I am capable of repairing as well as the avionics, electronics, metal/fiberglass work, plus painting, etc.) but hey, I bought the partial project plane w/o an engine and it was airworthy and registered years earlier but still under its cert until 2025. So I guess that's my fault for not completing a partial project prior to certs.

Are any of you second owners of EA/Bs unable to find A&Ps yearly to perform your inspections on EA/Bs or EA/Bs with automotive conversions and maintenance performed by you? Seems like I *may* (I don't know yet) be stuck with a nice plane that I will have as a "hangar queen" that gets polished but never flown due to no ability to get an A&P sign-off yearly. 

I'm rather new to GA community as a former military pilot almost 28 yrs ago (never had a need to fly GA when I got paid to fly) and I am not sure of the politics or socializing that needs to be done at EAA local chapters in order to find an A&P to sign off your "one-off" plane yearly. Not a highly social creature by nature so I guess I better get out there and start looking for an EAA chapter with second-hand EA/B owners experiencing the same thing or that know the local ropes.

Happy 4th!

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I don't see how you could possibly get the repairmen's certificate after it's already been registered, built, and flown by someone else. It's not a "one per plane" deal. You have to have, at least partly, built the plane and also prove the rest of the build was done by non-professionals. 

I too, am not a "join the club person" person so I can relate to not liking the idea of joining the chapter and showing up for monthly meetings. However, you can try and get the names of some of the people in the club and just ask them about an A&P IA. This is pretty much what I did when building my plane.

Another good source would be Facebook. Look for a sport pilot, or homebuilder, or any pilot group, Facebook page in your area and post the question there about the A&P IA.

Unless the auto-conversion is a known entity, like Viking, Corvair, or a few others, this could be a sticking point in getting and A&P IA sign off. If it's something like a Subaru you are going to have a tough time. Might be worth considering selling it and buying something easier to get support ( ie: well-recognized conversion or a certificated engine).

Thanks for your reply. It's a Corvair 120 HP Azalea. One of the main three Corvair companies.

I realize that transfer of the ability to sign off your own plane it's not allowed, but that it's my fault for buying a project plane that was once flying just based on a great price and location. I originally purchased an ELSA Vans RV-12 kit but decided to back out and pursue a partially complete kit. For some reason, I talked myself into buying this plane knowing I would have to play the yearly scramble to find an IA. 

But, it's not going to stop me from enjoying the plane either way. I always find a way to get things done.

Two thoughts,
If you are not totally in love with your plane buy an ELSA and get the repairman inspection certificate.
I understand if that’s not a option try to find a A&P who would trade his time for some flight time or even a partnership.


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