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 I had a great time at Sun N Fun 2022 yesterday. While there I stop by the Aeromomintum display and spoke with Mark and Lilli about the cowling issues I'm having. Mark said the guy who made the first batch of cowlings got it wrong and the issue has been corrected and I will get a new cowling. Time line for the new cowl could be four months due to the guy lives in Maine and the temps are just getting warm enough to make new cowls. I only wish Mark had informed me of this before I had spent time and money trying to adjust the cowling I have. But hey, It's still good news. Thanks Mark.

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What ya going to do with the old one?

Wall art I guess

I need one very soon. Hope its much improved.

Recently received my cowling for the 701. And I am feeling the pain. First of all it took over six months. I was grateful to finally get it until I tried to fit it. I noticed in your photo of the second cowl that it looks like it was cut down the middle. I think I'm going to have to do the same thing because the cowl is about 5 inches wider in the front than it needs to be and its about 3 inches wider than the firewall itself. Taking material out of the middle is the only option I see. I'm not sure what I'll have to do to the top cowl with all the curves and no solid reference points for matching the two halves. I was wondering how wide the 750 is compared to the 701 at the firewall. And if the second cowl had changes made to the top half as well. The one I have is divided a little different but the overall shape is the same. But it makes my plane look like a sick bulbus-nosed sea lion. I'm not about to send it back as I'd like to finish the thing before I die. There are so many things AM could have done along the way to make this venture at least less painful. I'm trying to concentrate on solution here but I could go on a while with complaints. If you have any advice or further insights with this cowl, I'd surely appreciate it. Thanks

Yep. The reason the Viking has been so successful is because Jan realized early that the key to success was making things easy for the builders. This wisdom seems to have completely escaped Aeromomentum.

I have to regretfully agree. There were plenty of opportunities to improve. Lots of low hanging fruit. Just plain common sense in customer relations and communication. ... Well stated.

Just a shame though because I think they have a decent product with the engines anyway.

I made a wooden cut out the same diameter as my spinner backing plate. Then you can clamp the cowl half to it and start fitting the cowl to the fuselage. The front of the cowl must match the spinner so that's where I begin the fitting process. Homebuilt Help has videos on YouTube that helped me a lot.

google eggenfellner aircraft inc. he had more than his share of teething problems. i have nothing against viking, but he left alot of people in limbo with his subaru engines.

So it looks as though your cowl is already split vertically. Mine is just a top and bottom in two pieces. Both of which are way too wide at the front. Only way to narrow it correctly is to take a strip out of the middle. I'm not above doing the work but as already mentioned...For the price. I'll take a photo next time I mess with it. Cutting the CF in my opinion is worse than Fiberglass. It gets in your skin quicker and who knows what breathing it will do. Thanks for the photo.

By all means were a mask or as I do a respirator. My first cowl was a two piece and sometimes I wish I'd just kelp that one. I would mount the wood spacer then clamp the cowl in place "FIRST" before you cut it in half. The valve cover may need the extra room on that side. I had to trim off the blast tube on that side also. Below is a link to my You Tube video showing the first cowl issues.


When I decided to put an AM13 on my Onex I knew I would have to make my own cowling.  I never worked with carbon fiber before but it turned out OK.  The real benefit is it only weighs 6lbs.



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