Anyone flying a 650 or 602 with a 0200?  I just wondered your thoughts or experience?


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I have a AMD built 601XLB that came with the 0-200
I use a three blade warp drive prop
Full throttle is 105 mph at 2700 rpm
I can get more with tweaking the adjustable prop but my climb on a hot summer day in Florida would suffer.
Nose heavy motor weighs over 200 pounds.
Burns 5 gph in cruise at 2350 rpm
Forget the speeds that Zenith puts in their brochure.
If you want speed you need 120-150 hp, like a Jabiru 3300 or a Viking 130, or even a big bore corvair.
If my O-200 blew up I’d put in a Viking.
my other questions just ask.

Thanks Dave, I'm looking at a 650B with a Vetterman exhaust.  Hoping the performance will be better!

I bought a O-200D from continental $23,500 new Oct 2016. It is in my opinion the best powerplant for our airframe. Only drawback in reliance of battery for electric fuel pump. It is Light and reliable

i cruise at 109 KTAS approx 75% power 

fixed pitch catto prop ( plenty of climb and cruise no adjustments needed)

Id look to see if any used engines are turning up as the cessna sky catcher fleet wastes away

i don't think a vetterman would make much performance increase for me


Your write up would be identical for my 601 XLB with an O-235-C1. Right down to the prop and performance.

Also, my recommendation's would be the same.

Did about 20 hours of transition training in an XL with an O-200.  David's description mirrors my experience.

Thoughts, having flown XL's behind several different engines:  100hp is enough to get airborne, but not really enough to get "on the step" away from a draggy nose-high attitude (unless you're tiny - I'm 6'3" 240 lbs).  For better real-world performance you'll want 130hp or so (I changed my XL from a 100hp to a 110hp to a 130hp engine - fun and educational, with some moments of excitement here and there.  :-).

However, resale value with an O-200 is probably going to be better than anything else.  Most of the GA world doesn't think beyond Lycoming and Continental - and that's a bigger market of potential buyers.

My $0.03.

- Pat

Im glad Pat joined in. Yesterday i flew up to boerne tx from my homebase kcvb ( castroville tx)

I saw lots of people looking into the viking. My plane was built like pats with a corvair. i hated it

I considered at the time Fall 2016   Viking, UIL, Rotax, Continental   THE D model when bought without alternator, the add a light B&C unit.  Now much less weight than O-200A. I have enough excess horsepower to allow more than needed climb with full 48 gallon tanks or max Gross in Folks

Excess HP beyond a point is useless unless you like high deck angles or showing off. 

I always cruise at the top o f the yellow arc and that is perfect for our short coupled airframe. go faster ok not much fun for hours 

turbo.. hope hypoxia is not in the cards for us older guys

Thanks Christopher for you input!  I believe the 0200 can handle the 650 and give good performance.  The one I'm looking to purchase also had vetterman exhaust?  I don't know if you run that exhaust.. Some cowling modifications has to be done to the lower cowl. 

unless your O200 has modified heads and you plan to run above 2800 rpm not needed.

The zenith plans exhaust provides plenty of carb heat and cabin heat for the weight and simplicity.

It can be sourced here in the US for a reasonable cost ready to go


obviously meant top of green arc,at Vc design cruise speed

I have an O-200 powered 601 XLB and love it. I cruise at 2500 RPM 93KTS indicated at 100KTAS using 22 litres per hour. As mentioned by one other respondent, resale is always going to be better with a LYCON. The other great advantage is that it's impossible to get outside the CofG range providing you don't go overweight. I always carry a little power into the flare to prevent the nose coming down hard. I've done over 300 hours and find it a delight. I forgot to mention, 3 blade Warp Drive propeller.

Thanks!  What pitch do you have the Warp Drive set at?

Mine is set to 10.5 degrees


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