Seems that there's going to be a pretty good Zenith crowd at Oshkosh this year, and quite a few first timers. I thought I'd put out a thread where those attending could list their name, if they flew in, etc, and a means for us to contact them at Oshkosh if they wanted. For those that have been to Oshkosh, maybe we could answer questions that all first timers have and even seasoned attendees have, and steer them and others to the best restaurants, (The Roxy Supper Club) the "secret" parking areas (by the ultralight field) the cheapest breakfast, (by the ultralight field) pilot friendly drinking establishments, (classified) etc.

Though it's a little late, if anyone needs a hotel or room they could also hook up at the last minute on this site and find a place, since they are all booked up. Also rides, etc, anything a Zenith builder may be looking for or need, I'm sure someone could help with. I'll try to maintain the list as people add to it. I won't put your phone number in the discussion if you leave it in the reply as a way for someone to contact you at Oshkosh.  

Walt Snyder


Name              days attending       staying at                plane   fly in?         from?          

Joe Harrington       Sat-Sat        Camp Scholler              750     no       Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Dave Van Dyke      Sat-Sat       Camp Scholler              750      no       Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Glenn Brown          Sat-Sat        Camp Scholler              750      no       Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

John Austin           Wed-Sun      Camp Scholler              750      no       Crossville, Tenn      USA

Walt Snyder           Tue-Sat        Waterfrnt Best Westn    750     no       Newport Bch, Ca    USA

Deane Philip          Sun-Sat      Chrstn College Dorm    701      no      Christchurch, New Zealand

Diane Bancroft       Sat-Sat       Boarders Inn,Waupun   Crzr     no       Lebanon, CT  USA

Timothy Aanerud                       Ultralight camping         750      no       Robinsdale, MN  USA

Jesse Hartman                           Ultralight camping         750      no       Robinsdale, MN USA

John Marzulli         Mon-Fri       Homebuilt camping       701     yes!     Seattle, WA  USA

James Cameron   Mon-Fri        Ultralight camping         750     no        Kansas City, MO USA

Jonathan Porter    Mon-Sun                                                701     no        Ghana, West Africa

Patricia Mawuli     Mon-Sun                                                701     no        Ghana, West Africa

Dave Gallagher    Sun-Sun       Camp Scholler            601XL   no        Cincinnati, OH,USA

Michael Aichele    Sat-Sun        Camp Scholler            650B      no       Owasso, OK,USA

Will Kirkbride         Mon-Sun      Mt Morris                        750       no       Surfers Paradise, AU

Rick George           W?-FS?       Homebuilt camping      750      yes!     Holmen, WI USA

Darrell Boucher     Tue-Sat       Waterfrnt Best Westrn   701      no        Newport Beach, Ca. USA

Tim Juhl                 Sun-Thu        Camp Scholler          601XL-B  no       Carsonville, MI  USA

Jim Depfer             Wed-Fri         Super 8 Hartford          750        no       Severn, MD USA

Patrick Hoyt          Sun-Sun        Camp Scholler          601XL     yes!      Lakeville, MN  USA

Ken Pavlou           Sat-Sun         Camp Scholler         601XL-B  yes!      Killingworth, CT  USA

Jerold Ebke          Sun-Wed         U of W dorm             650B          no      Fairbury, Nebraska  USA

Bob Wood             Mon-Fri                                                750          yes!     Everett, WA  USA

Larry Zepp             Sun-Sat          Camp Scholler          650B        no       Fort Wayne, IN USA

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Decided to come at the last minute, but this will be my first.

Jim Depfer, Wed thru Fri, Super 8 Hartford, 750, not flying, Severn, MD USA

Patrick Hoyt Sun-Sun Camp Scholler 601XL Yes Lakeville, MN

Ken Pavlou Sat-Sun Camp Scholler 601XL-b YES! Killingworth, CT

Something that those flying in may want to consider, especially 701s and 750s, is landing in the ultralight field. The advantages are you do not have to go through the approach procedures of the GA aircraft, you merely drop to 300 AGL  five miles out and enter from the southwest, stay at 300 AGL, fly along an easily identified road, enter the ultralight pattern, and land. Usually no traffic, no communicating on the radio, just follow the entry path outlined in the EAA site, stay at 300 AGL, watch for traffic, and land. Piece of cake. 

The downside is you will not be communicating with anyone, though if there is any traffic in the ultralight pattern, it's easy to spot and follow in. Another downside is familiarizing yourself with the pattern, and you will not be able to see the runway after you turn base entering south due to the trees, which takes getting use to the first time.

Another downside for some is bragging rights to entering the pattern at Oshkosh and landing, which can pretty satisfying. However, if you want to get in quick and clean, the ultralight field can be the ticket.

Walt Snyder 

Jerold Ebke     Sun-Weds      U 0f W at Oshkosh dorm     650 B    not flying    Fairbury, Nebraska USA

Larry Zepp  Sun - Sat AM   Camp Scholler  650B  No   Fort Wayne, IN

Last minute decision for me and my buddy.  We're flying in tomorrow (Thursday) just to catch the last few days.  My 750 isn't ready yet (But hoping to make it there next year in it!) so were going in with his Stinson 108-3 and will be camping under the wing.  If anyone walks by the Blue and White Stinson with registration #FHNQ don't hesitate to stop and say "Hi!"  :D


For any interested, a group of us Zenith guys are going to be at Cranky Pats tomorrow at 7 for pizza and beer, call my cell. We can't go back to the Roxy, the New Zealander removed our welcome.... :)

Walt Snyder
714 612-6526
What did i do i hope your joking walt i thought i was well behaved
Of course I am, really enjoyed your presence and generosity, anyone who's waitress brings them a beer on the house is good in our book.



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