Hi All,

Spoiler:  This is about a mac app that you can track your build with..., skip if not interested :-)

Just started this kit adventure.  The wife and I have got the 'shop' setup, put the rudder together, taken it apart, deburred, and just now the Sem self etching primer is drying.  I started a simple paper log for the efforts to date.  So, naturally, being a software guy I started looking for the option of tracking this w/ an app.  I confess to not spending to much 'googl'n' time.  But, I did come across several nods to the windows based kitlog app.  There does not seem to be any mac based log tools for building.

However, I'm a mac guy.  converted almost 2 decades ago.  

Yes, I know about virtualization.  Not really what I want to do.  So, I wrote an app.  It's javafx based w/ an sqlite embedded backend.  I did this so that it could be ported easily to windows or linux down the road.  if you do know of a mac tool that does this, please let me know.

Feature hi-lites: 

1. Add a log entry (category(wings, fuselage, tail, engine, avionics, etc), description, time spent, drag-n-drop for pics & vids (currently only supports png, jpeg, heic, and mp4).  No reasonable limit on how many pics or videos added to an entry.

2. List log entries, this is a tabular screen with columns of the log entries, and the ability to edit, delete log entries or go to another screen for adding, viewing, or deleting images to entries.

3. General info (establish aircraft information; make, model, year, etc.)

4. Personal info

5. List Total time, and time by category.

6. TBD: Print build log.  sorted by category, date. I want the ability to take the output to Staples and have a color log book printed including the pictures.

7. TBD: HTML or equiv. export for publishing to web.

This is going to be an ongoing development. As we build the kit and add to the log, and I find stuff I don't like, or bugs, etc. I'll improve it. 

In about a month or so, I'll update this thread w/ how it's going and to find out if anyone thinks I should make this available to others...

oh, and if this is not pertinent to the forum just let me know and delete...


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I’ve used KitLog for my last 2 builds and basically like it. Used for the second only because I had the license and you’re allowed to doc multiple builds. 

that said, you DO know about the free EAA builders log, right? I haven’t looked that closely cuz -duh - I already had one. No idea if your app is better or offers different capabilities. 

yes, i know about that.  it's ok.  I just wanted a non-online log.  Mine offers the same stuff, different UI.  But, really any log would have the same basic stuff, cause it's an airframe :-).  When I'm finished w/ it, I might make it avail.  depends on interest.  kit log is great.  I just wish they had a mac port, as I would have used it!


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