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I am beginning my search for my 701 instrument panel.  For those of you that have installed the Dynon radio, how do you like the performance?   



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I have complete Dynon system with auto-pilot in a Zenith CH-650.  Love it!  Don't have to twist a radio knob - but there if you want.  On map either touch screen Nearest, or twist knob for nearest, get airports, select via knob or touch, hit apt-com button to send frequencies to the radio.  Then on radio module you have buttons for tower (toggle if multiple runways/freq), ATIS (or AWOS or equivalent), even for Approach so you don't have to search for frequency.  Just for one example - a round gauge gives you airspeed.  Dynon gives you airspeed, true airspeed, GPS over the ground speed, wind speed and direction, and crosswind component.  Get that from a round gauge!!  Oh, if you want round gauges, can figure display to a 6-pack, but has synthetic 3D behind it, and still get all or most of the speeds.  Took me less than 5 minutes to get used to tape after 35 yrs of round gauges.  We have Skyview (not HDX) with 4 modules, radio, quick set knobs, intercom, and autopilot.  Built-in transponder with ADS-B in/out (traffic announcements in headset).  I put Skyview and all modules on a tray with kitchen drawer slides so it is easy to remove and work on the bench - great help installing and wiring.  Was about $15K, but includes gauges, radio, intercom, moving map, transponder, in-flight weather and moving map, pitot/AOA tube, engine and other sensors, ADHARS, auto-pilot servos (2 at $750 each), all modules.  One-time $99 gets lifetime of map updates every month (with all the airport info).  Can put in checklists, and more.  More as in flap and trim indicators, fuel flow, flight planning and weather, wi-fi connect to tablet, intercom has music input that dims with aircraft radio calls.  Flew from WA to OSH twice.  Inflight weather helped me avoid thunderstorms, once a TFR popped up in flight for a forest fire along my route (couldn't get that with a ground briefing).  Built-in Hobbs, flight time, tach time, timers.  We have Rotax carb 912 and there's an rpm limit until oil is 120F.  So the Dynon tach green area is limited to 2,500 rpm, then at 120F changes to 5,500 rpm.  Similar green and colored arc for all other engine indicators.  Get a voice announce in headset if rpm too high or low, or any other issues.  Make sure you add engine instruments to panel costs if comparing Dynon to other systems.  It's a complete pilot information system.  We don't even have backup round gauges.  Dynon has a 1 hour battery backup (optional, but really necessary) in case of plane electrical or battery failure.  A Young Eagle flight


Thanks for the in depth review of the dynon package. It sounds like a really great set up.  I'm thinking of using the skyview  with the just the radio to start with then expand as necessary. Great YE video. 



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