Greetings... I'm planning for the delivery of my 750 kit(s) soon, and want to hear people's experiences with getting the crate home from wherever the trucking company deposits it.  I know I could get them to bring it to my door, but in my case (Canada) that costs about $1200! If I go pick it up in the U.S., and broker it myself, less the $400.  Since the border is only a short distance away, that's what I'm planning to do.

So... Zenith tells me it's a single crate, 13.5 x 3 x 4, about 1000 lbs. Has anyone used a pickup truck to transport this crate, say an F150? Flatbed trailer? Uhaul van?


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I've made a few trips to Mexico, MO to pick up crates. The fuselage kit crate, the largest, for my Zodiac was about the dimensions you describe. I rented a one way U-Haul trailer that was 12 foot long and I left the tail gate on the trailer down supported by the chains. This worked well and since the crate was somewhat lower to the ground, when backing up my driveway, it was easy for me and family member helpers to push it off the trailer onto some furniture moving dollies. The latter allowed me to scoot the crate around my garage. //Dave
I trucked my 601XL fusleage kit, that has about the same numbers as your crate home from the trucking terminal in my F-150 short bed.  The 6.5 foot bed was extended about 2 feet by the tailgate.  I had them load the heavy end towards the front.  I strapped it in very well and drove carefully home.  Had no issues.
I have a 701, but the crate was probably pretty close to the same size. I rented a Uhaul van, and used two 4-wheel furniture dollies to unload it. With the help of a friend, we slid the crate down the truck's ramp and slid a dolly under the lower end, then continued until the upper end was near the bottom of the ramp, and put the second dolly under that. Then we just wheeled it into the gargage.

I did this the easy way, rented a uhaul truck and picked up the crate at the trucking center, Had to show up after 6 pm so as not to interfere with the real truckers. A fork lift loaded it into the Uhaul truck and home iI went. Kept the truck for one extra day, so never really unloaded the crate. Instead took the top off in the truck, unloaded the parts while doing the check list and sorting the parts by category (fuselage, wings, tail etc) into my garage. after all was sorted took the empty remains of the crate out  and returned the U haul truck . Just one warning when you deal with companies like u haul. They measure their trucks roof and not the loading floor. (so a 12 foot crate needs a 15 foot truck)

good luck , Harmen

If you are collecting your kit from the factory, I think you don't need a crate. Saves money and space. I took my whole 750 kit in a 6x12' Uhaul cargo trailer without any problem.

Crate is size as quoted.  I borrowed a 14' snowmobile trailer.  Trucking firm loaded trailer using fork lift w-long tines.  Chained the box down and drove home in Feb. (Maine).  Had a tractor at home.  Lifted one end off, skidded the box off most of the trailer, then supported the other end and drove the trailer out.  Gradually lowered the box.  Used the box parts for shelving for parts storage.  It is 1,000 pounds.  Crushed some cheap dollies. 

I received mine here in Burlington, Ontario. The shipping company would deliver to Can-zac but not to a residential address at all, they needed a truck dock.


So off I went looking for a truck at dock-height. Couldnt find one at U-HAUL but Discount had one. They used a forklift to push the crate onto the truck causing many bumps and nicks to the side right before my eyes, but the contents were safe.


Taking it into the garage was the difficult bit, I think it was 2+ hours for my brother and I. We unloaded most of the contects onto the front lawn, pushing the crate on the rails into my garage (almost empty, its about 500lbs or more) and put everything back in. Pretty exhausting, and I so wish they delivered to home.


Word of advice.. if you have to unload the crate to get it out of the truck, the bottom is covered with brown carton material, but the largest skins are still underneath it. I didnt know it and stepped on it and dropped stuff on it, but the skins were still safe. I could've nicked them.

Good tips, thanks!

Have a look at Zenith's website

Save the $575 for a crate.

Zenith loads the parts in the truck or trailer (Uhaul trailer 6x20' is fine); they do a very good job

Unloading at home is easy, because one person can take out the parts one by one. No forklift required.

According to the UHaul web page, they want over $2000 for a one-way trip from Mexico, MO to Sarnia, ON!!! It's about 1000 km. Gotta be something wrong with that quote...

But I am considering driving down. Long drive, though, about 12 hours each way...

I paid $60 for a trailer, for two days. I took the trailer from my home location and back. Yes, one way is incredibly expensive

Thanks so much to everyone for all the shared experiences and suggestions. I'm not sure which way I'll

get the crate home, but I'll fill you all in with the details later. Thanks again!



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