Does anyone have a steel or modular tube building in the hot south where they build their plane?

I have no room to continue the second wing or start the rear fuselage in my little two car garage. You really can't build an entire plane in a house garage like they say. I mean you can, but you certainly can't store a damn thing in there.

Does anyone have a steel building or enclosed carport in the south with insulation? I plan on using closed cell foam sprayed on with a split AC. Will this keep the garage at 80 degrees with normal electric use on a 90 degree day? The idea is to be able to work and store zenith components.

If you have a steel building, can you tell me what size and what part of the state and what temperature you can achieve on a hot day and what the electric use is in kilowatts.



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Hi Adrien,

I believe you can build a plane in a single car garage, as I am nearing completion of a 701 in a 12.5 'x 21' garage. You just have to be able to store the finished components, particularly the wings, somewhere else while you work on the next.  Other than the wings the smaller flying surfaces can be tucked on racks close to the ceiling or hung on the wall. The fuselage should be the last component, because when its on its wheels it occupies the space until you are ready for final assembly at another venue big enough to store an assembled airplane.

Along with building my 701 in this garage I have; Two 21 foot double kayaks hanging on the wall, a combination belt/disc sander on casters, 30" x 12' rolling work bench, 14" bandsaw, drill press, compressor and various other things taking up floorspace but it is still a highly functional place to build an airplane. Unlike most of Canada, the weather in Vancouver is not particularly cold in winter so I can work in this garage integrated in the house throughout the winter.


you can also store the smaller surfaces in spare bedrooms, as long as you have no guests.

My Cruzer is on the gear; wiring the panel/fuselage now, then just have to hang the engine. I'm in a 20x20 garage. Still have the 4'x12' workbench in there as well. Two 3'x6' shelves in an "L" configuration in one corner, the workbench, wings in an EAA wing rack against one side of the workbench, and the fuselage on an angle next to the wings. Can walk around 3 sides of the fuselage; left and right sides and front. Tight, but workable.

I built my 601XL in a 2 car garage that had other stuff I it also.  Once wings were done I built a rack so I could store tools under them.  A friend build a scratch build 601HD in a 1 car garage that was a bit longer.   I was a tight fit and not sure where he stores his wings.  

there is one builder here that built in an old school bus.

He built it in an old school bus? Sounds hot and humid.

From Facebook


I built mine here in Alabama in a 50 x 80 metal Quonset building. Yes hot and humid in the summer  (big floor fans) and cold in the winter (bundled up and plugged in the coffee pot).  The building is too big to economically insulate or control the climate. I have considered building a large inner room inside my metal building that could be insulated, heated, and cooled...future project?

Yes, closed cell foam is expensive and quite ugly. I still want to do it. $4000 for the walls and roof of a 30X 30. In South Florida, there is just no other way. If I lived out of a hurricane zone I would put some really fast growing trees that might provide shade. Black olive is huge and will easily cover a 50 foot span if planted on both sides. might take a few years to get the height but they grow fast.

Awesome pics. One of the more interesting workshops I've seen.


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