Does anyone have dual throttle controls with their Corvair.  I am using a MA-3 carb, and a center stick.  I plan to have a throttle control for both the pilot and passenger side.  I am thinking that I can just hook two cables to the throttle control arm on the carb and they will simply work in tandem?  Am I missing anything here?  What have others done so the the passenger can act as co-pilot?


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I plan on doing just what you describe - two throttle cables connected to the same carb throttle arm. Several years ago someone described using that exact installation. That person removed the throttle friction adjustment guts from the co-pilot throttle cable handle. That way only the pilot friction control can be adjusted and the co-pilot unit is always just along for the ride. That person reported good results with that type of installation.

The two cable ides strikes me as being a better solution than the dual throttle arrangement that comes with the kits - too many pivot points and connections points.

Hi, Joe

I designed my own dual setup in 2014. I also have the MA-3 carb. I made mine with a single cable bought off the shelf from Aircraft Spruce and fabricated a simple bellcrank system that has been totally reliable. I would send you pix of all this, but the photos are on my computer, which this one is not. I'll try to add the illustrations to my page when I get home .

The Other Dave

Thanks David.  I will look forward to seeing that. 

Joe, I have added some pix to my page.

my email is  if you have any questions. (A.C. Spruce part numbers, etc)

I have the same carb and stick configuration.  Also wanting to know how others have been doing their dual throttle setup.

Check with dan glaze

Hi, I took this approach and installed the dual cables as you describe. I removed the friction from the passenger side and kept the friction knob in the pilot's side. The results were not as expected as the friction that generates the extra control cable is too high and the throttle control became extremelly hard to push and pull because now it's not only pushing or pulling the carb arm but its pulling and pushing the carb arm plus the 6 to 8 feet control cable from the other side. I am taking David Muse's approach and using a bellcrank, much less friction added or not at all.

  • here is a photo of how I added dual throttle on my 750

Hey, Dan -- Does your installation work smoothly? That appears to be the type of dual cable setup I was talking of earlier in this discussion. Does it operate smootly or do you have too much friction as descibed by Fernando in his post above? Curious minds want to know.................

Thanx, Bob


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