18 months ago I applied for a third class medical as a student pilot. I was denied because of one medication I take, a blood thinner Which is required because of a stent that was used to repair a vessel that was damage due an injury.  My doctor says that there is no reason I can't resume any and all activities with no restrictions.

It took the FAA three months to respond with a letter requesting more information. They wanted a whole series of test, stress test, blood work, electro cardiogram, a heart sonogram, well you get the picture and since my health insurance would not cover these test it is out of pocket for me.

After spending several thousand dollars for test again , I hopefully submitted the requested information.

Seven months later I again get a letter saying that they would not issue a medical certificate until I submitted more information, they also said that since so much time had passed since I had responded to the first request I would have to repeat several of the test. More expenses.

After much hand wringing I spent the money and repeated the test. Carefully sent all the information to them. With high hopes I waited another 7 months before a response cam back from the FAA.

You can only guess my frustration when they said again they would not issue a medical certificate. 

They were again requesting a new series of test for the medical certificate.

The one test that I find unusual is they now want a full  SLEEP! Study. Not sure what that has to do with getting a pilots license.

I tried to call them to find out why they were making this so difficult, they were almost hostile when I tried to ask them a question. They said that if I persisted they would put my request back to the bottom of the pile adding more time.

I am now to a point of just giving up. Without that medical certificate I can not continue my training.

Just would like to know if anyone has a suggestion as to how to get past this.

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Way to go!! Keep the fire burning!!

John Reed,

I had my aortic valve replaced last November, and researching it, found that valve replacement was on the list of reasons to deny a medical certificate. However, now I see that the Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners has been updated Feb 22, 2022. I don't know if I can provide a link here, so do a Google search for "AME Guidelines"

The first item on my search results was the FAA website "Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners." On that site, scroll down to "Disease Protocols" That takes you to "Decision Considerations", and you can scroll down to "Cardiac Valve Replacement"  That gives a good explanation of what's needed.

There's hoops to jump through, but now it's possible to get a medical certificate after heart valve replacement. I was fortunate to already have Basic Med, and I can fly my 601 with the "driver's license medical" With the medicines I'm on, though, I think my flying days are over.

Thanks Darrell!...I really hope that you can find a way to keep flying safely, bureaucracies and red tape aside! I knew a fellow who flew for years from his private property and according to him " ain't never registered nor applied for, nor certified nothin ever since I got my ticket! I, of course do not condone such blatant disregard for rules and regs. But.......


Of course your call but since you’ve not had a medical revoked or denied I'd just stay away from the FAA and fly that 750 under Sport Pilot rules. Night air has no lift anyway. 

I got my own field that I used to fly my “fat” ultralight. I’ve had my PPL for 50 years, and went with Basic Med because I didn’t want to risk being denied a medical after a bout with cancer. My Basic Med is good until July. 
My 601 qualifies as Light Sport, so my driver’s license is my medical certificate for it. However, I self-certify, and I’m not safe to fly. Sometimes I question if I should even be driving. It’s just a part of life that I’ve had to accept. I’ll still be an airport bum, though, and go up with others. 


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