Well, folks, I had a no start problem that turned out to be the mags installed 90 deg out such that firing order was 3-2-4-1. Got that fixed and it fired right up.


Tried the second start this evening.  Could not get it to start. I HAVE NO PRIMER installed. Had to shoot some starter fluid (ether( into the air filter, then it fired right up and ran great.

Should I just pump the snot out of the throttle more? I probably pumped it 5-6 times. Didn't want to flood, but obviously I'm aways away from that!

So, for those of you with O-200s without primers, how do YOU get it started?

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Why don't you have a primer?

if you got the ma-4 standard carb. on O-200 it will have an accelerator pump, pump the crap on cold days, for me 4-5, and never before hot restart. I leave throttle sightly cracked during strart ready to pump a bit more fuel if needed. 

 based on your locale it shouldn't need a primer, use one port in manifold for carb air temp id suggest as carb ice might be in your future!  down load a copy of O-200 owners manual I posted here before for good operating tips

Installation and Operation Manual ( for O-200A but usefull for you as well

MA-3  ( im getting too old I suppose! )

Thanks for the responses, Arnie and Christopher.

Arnie, I've ridden in, but never piloted, several aircraft with no primers. As Christopher noted, here in DFW I've just never even thought about having one!

Christopher, I have the MA-3SPA carb, but it does have the accelerator pump. I tested that before I installed the carb; mostly when I just wanted to put some 100LL in the fuel bowl to keep things wet. I just wasn't sure how many pumps of the throttle should be enough. I didn't really count, but know for a fact it was more than 4! Even tried pumping it a time or two while cranking. Runs great once running; no stumbles or hesitation when advancing the throttle. Just that initial start. Well, the only start! Did not try and restart once I shut it down. In retrospect, I should have, because I had forgotten to turn on the alternator field so was not seeing a charge.

I guess the ones I am familiar with all have primers. 

Hi Carl,

I live in the Midwest, just eat of Indianapolis. I have an MA3-SPA with an accelerator pump. Generally on a cold start I only pump it a couple times, and it will usually fire right up. Once in a while it may fire up and quit, just give it a couple more pumps, and it usually keeps running from then on. As Christopher stated, never pump for a hot start. Good luck,


I have a primer and never use it
Couple of pumps of the throttle is all it needs with an accelerator pump


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