It has been more than 3 years since I lost my beloved 601XLB in a crash. I have realized that I won't be building an experimental again. I need to bite the bullet and clean out the hangar and shop. Here are some of the items. I'm located about 70 miles East of Portland, Oregon.

Set of seats. Memory foam base. Professionally made. Left and right sides are different thickness to accommodate different heights. Very comfy. I have the side panels too. Can't find the pictures. Free just pay shipping.

Cowling made for Corvair. Ive had it on both 2700cc and 3250cc. It has an air inlet scoop on top because the 3250 had the engine intake air on top.

I made a Carbon & Kevlar turtleback to provide several advantages. It gave me a very stiff and accurate surface for a sealing surface for the canopy rear seal. No rain leakage and quieter. It provided a deeper place for the package shelf behind the seat. It greatly strengthened the rear cockpit structure. That came in handy when I crashed the plane. I made a .75" dia 4130 roll bar to give better protection in case of a roll over and makes a stout location for a rear canopy latch. This required that the rear of the canopy be bobbed to fit the turtleback and the canopy frame be shortened a bit. I have the original turtleback. It was not damaged at all. I have the female mold for the layup. All free except for shipping.

I have a Cyclo dual pad polisher, and a Makita 9" 600 to 3000RPM polisher/sander and several containers of polishing compound. A new polisher pad cleaner/washer. Washing pads with extension handle. I'd like half of what these would cost new. They have only been used to polish the 601. probably other things I don't remember right now. Oh yes, two wing locker tote bags. These fit inside the wing lockers and have handles and zippers. A great item.

I still do have my Corvair motors. The 2700 needs a crankshaft with Azalea Aviation prop hub to fit the Azalea front bearing. I have a stock Corvair crank that could be used. I still have my 3250cc Corvair, but it needs to be put back together. This motor is a beautiful piece of machinery. It is fuel injected with electronic ignition. No distributor. Dual injection systems and dual ignition systems switch between either system. Works perfectly. It is all tuned and dialled in. Power controlled by the throttle only. No mixture, no carb heat. Aluminum cylinders. IIRC, the engine weight less exhaust was 185 lbs. This pulled my 601 along at 140 Mph TAS at 3300 rpm. That was with a 68" Warp Drive prop. Not very efficient prop at this speed.

My wife has decided we should move to Arizona so I can't procrastinate much on this.


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Ok, well I'm still interested, and not in a rush. I'm very capable with engine work, and have a few friends that have Corvair experience,in addition to William Wynne. I'd like to know more about the work done to achieve 3250cc, and the parts used. Let me know how much you're looking to get for it.

 Hi Louie 

I got an e-mail about engines and turtle back just checking if it came from you

thanks Dan 

Hi Daniel,
It probably did, but I don't know why unless you inquired about those items. I have a lot of response and can't keep up.


What do you want for the 3250?  Was it on the plane when crashed? Please email me with details.



Hi Brian,

The 3250cc was on the plane when it crashed. All 6 of the bolts that fasten the prop hub to the crank drive hub broke. My crank position trigger wheel was fastened to the prop hub. The engine has ECU controlled ignition and fuel injection. When the bolts broke, that retarded my ignition timing 20 or more degrees and the engine, while still running, didn't make enough power to get me back to the runway.  I decided to go with a different prop drive configuration and I needed a new crankshaft too. I don't have the parts back yet. It wouldn't be a good idea to sell it in this unassembled condition.



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