My  brother just got an insurance quote for the coming year on out ch 801 for 5 amu's... This seems ludicrous to me as I was around $1400/year on my 55 beech V before I sold it two weeks ago. 

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What's 5 amu's?

$1,000 = 1 Aircraft Monetary Unit. AMU joins other slang or abbreviations for dollars x one thousand such as G and K but as a specific aviation reference.  

Yup 5k.

Ouch. Did the agent explain why so much?

He just dropped it like a hot dog turd

Never heard that before. When I was in the Air Force, AMU meant something else entirely.

Amu is an old term in the beech community where the guys try to minimize the perceived expense of mods etc.... Kind of a joke as well. Also an inside joke if your wife doesn't know what it means. You can talk about the expense in front of a potentially  irritated individual without them knowing....

Similar to the sign in the harley dealership that says you can get a reciept for what you told your wife it cost for $20.

Gotta love them Harley dealers. Had a gun dealer say once that's why all Glocks look alike, so your wife can't tell when you buy a new one.

Avemco quoted me over $3400 for in-motion on my Cruzer. I was paying under $900 for the same coverage on a C150. 

According to the underwriter, most experimental owners today are not the builder of the aircraft. When something happens, they have to find an A&P willing to work on experimentals to do the repairs, which is incredibly difficult/expensive apparently. 

Increased risk + increased cost of repair = increased premiums

From my research, most experimental owners carry liability only, if any insurance. Given the above, no wonder. 

We're all getting hosed...sorry.  it's not bad enough the current admin is on the warpath against ga too... 

Letsggggggg... oops sorry. What meant to say was God bless us every one.

$2257.00 .... quoted bagged and bound. As of Friday we pulled the trigger so I seriously hope we're good .

However  here's the idiotic facet of the drama.

The underwriter stipulated we, my brother and I take 2 hours of dual with a cfi..... whisky tango? Seriously?

How? Never mind I’m a 1000hr + pilot with a commercial ticket, in Cessnas, tripacers and bonanza's and glider tugs... my brother is a solid fixed and rotor turbine and recip pilot... holy am I supposed to find an 801 cfi...? I've been looking for a year. All this for an airplane that doesn't fly close to the speed of a beech and 30+ mph slower than a 182 on final.... I guess I'll take the policy and hope my cfi gets approved...

Pretty sure underwriters aren't know  crap bout aviationers.... Pretty good at grab a$$ though...

All for this ugly little duckling..


Who did you end up insuring with? 

I ran into a similar issue on 2 hours: the policy is $0 pay-out for anything until I log 2 flight hours in a Cruzer, they did not stipulate a CFI though, an EAA flight advisor or someone willing to let me fly their plane would work. 

I asked if having the repairman certificate for the aircraft would qualify for a discount: no. 

I went with Bryan he's with cbi insurance... I do not know who the carrier is.

Bryan 801 668 3694.


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