Does any one know if I add an oil cooler to my 0-235 L2C which has the threaded ports, do I have to do anything else  other than mounting the oil cooler and running the lines  to it? I really  don't want to add a filter if I don't half to



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No problem with that at all, although I would recommend the filter. If you need pics of the oil filter install, I can provide (same as your engine) although not in a zenith... but a a firewall

Thanks Don would love to see your photos. My email is

I used a shutter to control winter temps (last pic). You can see the oil filter adapter in the second pic.  I made my own hoses but it took me several tries to get them "clocked" properly with no stress on the hose.

thanks for the photos Don. Where did you buy your oil filter adaptor? What size and length are your hoses? did you use 2 or 3" duct?


I bought the filter direct but it’s available at aircraft spruce. Can’t tell you on the hoses, you would have to mount it first anyway to get your specific lengths.  I used a 3” hose coming off the baffles, pilot side rear.

Hi Don, looking at your adaptor it appears to me your oil supply to the cooler comes directly off the oil filter adaptor. Is this correct? I  have looked at the adaptor for Aircraft Spruce and talked to the sales department at B&C about their oil filter adaptors and there isn't a provision for an oil supply port. . there are just two openings, one for temp probe and one for the thermostat oil flow control. I would prefer an instillation similar to yours, but finding it hard to find an adaptor like yours. 


Gil, I believe my hoses connected directly to the engine but I honestly don’t remember. The adapter I used was from Casper Labs. 

I was able o look at a 152 this morning L2C engine. Now I know how to hook everything up. Thanks Don for your help. 

B&C was kind enough to send me a mock up adaptor & filter to try on my Lycoming 0-235 L2C, From looking at Don's photos I don't believe I will need a spacer block, but in the morning I will try a test fit. This project is not cheap. I expect by the time I have everything it will be a little more than a thousand dollars. 

Ordered my oil filter adaptor from B&C yesterday, It came to a little over $400.00 with shipping. It does include a filter, gaskets, bolts and drawings/instructions but nothing else. I may still have to purchase an adaptor for my oil temp bulb which is a little over $10.00. I will still need to purchase the Vernatherm for $ 250.00 & oil cooler/hoses and fittings.  Not a cheap modification, but hope it brings my oil tems into the normal range.

Is there a viable option for a spin on filter system for an O-235 C2C? I just want to add a spin on filter at this time. I'm getting ready to install my engine so I have plenty of time to work something out.

I think it is possible. I have to purchase a thermostat of sorts, it is around 300 dollars and the adaptor was about 400 I think. Decided to wait until spring to install mine. 


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