Hello all,

  I am in the process of building outboard wings in my 601  HD.

I ordered the landing lights and Nav/Strobe lights kits.  However, neither Zenith nor lights manufacturer has included any installation instructions!

Can anyone point me to install instructions for these lights?  THANKS!

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Hi Scott,

On my plans for the 650 the landing/taxi light option for the left wing is page 6-LLO-1

and the nav/strobe option is 6-NSO-1.

I'm not sure this is applicable to the 601 but is this what you are looking for?


Thanks for the reply.  I guess that is it.  I do not have an LLO section anywhere in my plans, nor did they come with the lights I ordered from Zenith.  I will need Nav/Strobe/Position lights instructions too for the same reason.

One question:  Are the landing lights installed on only one wing?

Thank You Bob. I did not receive instructions, a formed lens, or any template of any kind...and just to make sure..landing lights are installed on one wing only correct?

You can do it either way. It's up to you. I'm using a dual install with wig-wag to enhance my visibility in flight. It's not for a Zenith, but I found this video interesting.


I have to wonder if the lens could be adapted to other aircraft.

Hi Bob,

I was wondering if you have the Nav/Strobe option instructions you could send my way.  I sure appreciate the instructions for the landing lights!

I have a 750 STOL kit, so my instructions likely wouldn't work for you. Right now it's all boxed up because we moved recently, so it'll be a while before I see them again anyway. Sorry.

Are they the Aeroleds that Zenith sells.  If so you can access wiring diagrams on aeroleds website.  If you have any questions you can email or call aeroleds and I found them to be exceptional in customer support.  I installed my landing lights in one wing which has an integrated synch function. If you do that option aeroleds recommends an additional part, its a diode or something, which did not come with the lights but can be obtained from aeroleds.  I guess it causes the two lights if installed side by side to flash together vs alternating which makes the recognition aspect more noticeable. Wiring was pretty simple overall.  Cutting out a section of the leading edge was an emotional event.

The lights I received from Zenith did have a lense and installation diagram so you may want to contact Zenith to get that discrepancy corrected.

Thank You JTC.   The wiring diagrams is the one thing I do have.  Yes these are the SunSpot 36 HX Landing lights with wig wag that Zenith sells as the landing light option. I went to the aeroled site for installation procedures using the QR code given.  It gives very general suggestions and a wiring diagram.  But of course the kit comes with a lot of hardware, brackets, supports and a nose rib.  Others have said I should have the LLO pages in my manual, which I never received. So I am contacting Zenith to see if they can send those.  In my heart, I always imagined a landing light kit to include a lamp for both wings.  So we will see what Zenith has to say.  I sure do appreciate all the help I get on this discussion!


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