Let's see your favorite panel designs!

I'm deep into this right now and am planning on the simplest and lightest install I can build!

I'm really loving the stuff that Levil is doing with the BOM and more specifically the iLevil 3 AW...paired with a new iPad Pro 12.9 (with mini LED screen hopefully) it should make an amazing, big, bright glass panel.

I have a probe for an LRI left over from a previous build so I'll add a DYI gauge as a backup. I'm also looking at using TQ radios. A bit cheaper than others and extremely light...and the GPS out on the Levil can be used as the position source for the ADS-B out on the transponder.

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Cool concept.   I’m struggling with panel design between my sorting out wiring and equipment availability.  Ordered a grt efis but they are apparently backlogged quite a bit due to component shortages as I understand.  Have looked at the ilevel products a couple times and they seem really interesting (actually have the bom which I’m planning to use as backup). What turned you onto the TQ radio and transponder?

One of my neighbors is a competition glider guy and he has them. German made, designed for gliders, very light. But they also de commercial stuff in the EU. You can use my panel design to play with designs if you like - https://hangarzulu.com

Don't know which aircraft your building, but if you've decided to add a BOM (which has AOA) as backup for the iLevil 3AW, why take up already limited panel space with an LRI gage?

In our 750 STOL, we use two mini iPads, and an iLevil 3AW as primary ADAHRS, and a BOM as backup.  Our iLevil is hard wired to a GRT EIS, ELT, and a Trig 22 transponder w/ADSB-Out. 

I'm working on a STOL 750. For me it was either the 3AW or the BOM, not both...and the 3AW has all the features I want; ADAHRS, ADS-B in/out (with TQ transponder) and engine monitoring with the EIS. I could add the BOM to get the AOA and the rest of the backup stuff...or I can add the LRI for about a tenth of the cost.

It would be amazing if the BOM had a hard wire option so I could get the GPS from it for ADS-B out and add the EIS for engine monitoring...then that would be all I need...

I misread, thinking you were getting both.  I agree that the added expense of a BOM is unnecessary, unless you desire to have a backup ADAHRS, which happens to have an AOA.   In any event, I think you'll be pleased with the iLevil 3AW, if that's the direction you go.   

Old school day VFR analog except for the iFly740b. iPads are EFB tablets and best used as Hand held devices. They wont work mounted on the panel as a substitute for an aviation display. Can’t read it in bright sun and it will overheat and shut down on you. 

Our mini iPads work very well for us in the 750 STOL.  They are easy to see, and have never shutdown due to high heat.

Agree...I have been managing the iPads for our flight department for 8 years and IMO they are way better now than when we started using them. We now have 20 pilots and fly a combined 19k hours per year (with 3 iPads in the cockpit) and I cannot remember the last time anyone has had a bad word to say about the iPads...and we have not had a thermal shutdowns since we got rid of the mini 2s.

Are your crews using them as handhelds or panel mounts?


I share the nervousness over using an iPad as a primary display. Until the possibility (even a remote possibility) of auto shutdown due to temperature concerns is totally removed, they are not fit for prime time in my opinion. As a secondary display (where it is not life threatenign to have it quit) they are wonderful.

If one is willing to trust one's life to iPad primary displays, this guy's products look very interesting. He is using off the shelf components and his own software to tie them together and builidng full panels for remarkably little money. He has addressed the temperature concerns with his iPad mount, which has fan cooling of the critical parts of the iPad, but the chance of thermal shutdown is still there so I am out. However, if you like the iPad route, look at this...........


For the record, I have no personal or business relationship with the guy, I just think his work is cool..........


You need to use whatever makes you comfortable, but your concerns about iPads may be a bit exaggerated.  

Many have been using iPads for years, mini iPads in ours, without ever experiencing a thermal shutdown.  If heat is a concern, just like with so many other electronic devices, then cooling fans may be used.  Our mini iPads are mounted using Guardian Avionic mounts, with a fan built in to cool the back side of iPads, if desired. 

I don't know of any ADAHRS system (Dynon, Grand Rapids, etc) that hasn't failed prematurely for one reason or another.  So, what about the remote possibility they might fail?   

With regards to your comment "As a secondary display (where it is not life threatening to have it quit) they are wonderful," if an iPad is being used as secondary, why then would you allow its reliability be any less than that of the primary?  After all, the secondary may suddenly become a primary for any number of reasons..  Further, why would failure of any ADHRS system become life threatening when flying VFR?  By the way, ours is also equipped to fly at night, and IFR if desired.

As a backup, if one of our iPad' fail, we have another iPad, and an iPhone.  If our primary ADAHRS fails, we have the BOM.  We also have a compass and an EIS which provides speed and altitude.  If all else fails, we just fly by the seat of our pants, which is how most STOL are flown anyway.

If not to promote FlightView, I'm bewildered as to why you would speak against using iPads.


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