At least two of us recently are having trouble posting photos properly on our "My Page".  It seems that for some reason recently, using the same camera and computer, my posted phots show up 90 degrees from upright.  The webmaster has provided a "rotation" function recently and a link to "save" the changes.  However, when the edited photo reappears on "My Page", the photo remains 90 degrees off center counter clockwise.

This problem for me started to show up after a recent revision to the Zenith website.

Does anyone have any suggestions to the problem or a fix?

Bill Bear

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I have always used my iPhone to take the pix and sent them to my email account as attachments, saved the attachments in a file on my MacBook Pro laptop and then uploaded the jpeg files to "My Airplane" photos using the same browser Safari.  The only thing different that I am aware of  has been a revision to the Zenith webpage.  If I can get this problem solved on my end, I'll post the info.  Bill

Hi Bill,

As discussed with you, I have the same problem. I am reluctant to bother trying to post pictures as they inevitably are not oriented correctly. I am wondering if the upgrade caused two smart systems to try to be second guessing the other. I have uploaded a photo taken with a Nikon, it appears to be properly oriented as far as I can see.



I downloaded your picture in Safari on my iPad Pro, rotated it in the Photos app, and then posted it back here using Safari again. So if it's an Apple thing, which I doubt, it's confined to the iPhone. One question though. In all that process, where did you rotate the picture?

Now this is done using Firefox on my PC. Used MS Paint to rotate the picture.

Trying something different with a picture I deliberately rotated 90 degrees off to see if the web software rotates back correctly.

Well, it appears to have rotated correctly, but I had to click "Rotate" three times before it actually did it. My guess is your pictures aren't rotated correctly when you upload them, and the software on the site doesn't rotate them to the proper position. Have you tried editing your post after the fact, and then rotating the picture that way? Obviously you can't do that with an existing post because there's a 15 time limit for editing here (I never understood why).

Sent you a friend request so we can test this via email behind the scenes.

Ok....btw  like your buddy.....reminds me of my first dog, "Inky" when I was about 7.  

I think I rotated the pix with edit function on either my iPhone or the Preview app on MacBook pro.  When I get a chance, I'm going to run a maintenance app and clean out all my temporary caches on my laptop then delete the errant photos on "My Page" then upload the photos again and see if that works.


Yeah, we love black Labs. That was Katie. We lost her about a year ago. We still have another one, but she's getting up there in years too. She doesn't know she's old though, so we aren't telling her. If it wasn't for the grey on her snout, everyone would think she's a puppy. Anyway, sent you an email.

I deleted the misaligned left ski pix and loaded it again from my MacBook Pro using Firefox browser this time.  It loaded again incorrectly, however, in this browser, I was able to rotate the pix upright (after clicking "rotate" function twice and "save" (using Safari, the pix just dissappeared when saved).  With this success, I selected and edited each of my incorrectly oriented pix of "My Photos", rotated and saved each pix correctly.....Yea !   Now I have to figure out why my iPhone and MacBook Pro posts an incorrectly oriented pix.  But at least there is a fix to the problem.


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