finished my 750 STOL and when I went to take off it flew left.  I gave it full right rudder and when I touched down the plane flipped forward and left due to nose gear.  Don't know why it fly's left.  Checked wings and engine centerline thrust.  Maybe gear is misaligned but don't know.  My fix may be to install a trim tab on rudder.  Any suggestions?  Anyone else had this problem?


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After my excursion into the grass on what was the 8th (and final)  taxi test the Roger basically told me I only needed 50% power to get off the runway, and rolled in easy over time. I still used very little power to start with and once I have speed I get off the runway, correct with rudder, and slowly pull in full power for the climb when I am clear of the ground and use the rudder to hold the center line.

My first flight I rolled the power in slowly and did what he suggested I was still flying before the numbers. If you have a 130 HP in these planes it is an INSANE amount of power to weight. Use it carefully!


That is a perfect explanation Jonathan.  I will certainly follow your advice.  I always knew I had plenty of HP at 135 but never thought about the effect of it.  I hope this blog helps others from saving a life or at least prevent an accident.  Thank you again so much.  God bless. 




Have you flown with Buzzy in his 750? If not I urge you to do so before your first flight.  He’s in Lawrenceburg TN. 


can you give contact?  I can't find him on zenith site.  



His business phone is 931-244-7000 but he’s currently a one-man shop, so he may be out flying.  His (19 year old-can you believe it?) flight instructor employee was snatched up by the airlines recently so if you don’t hear back from him today let me know and I’ll call his personal mobile. He builds, flight instructs, and test flys Zenith aircraft all over the country for folks like us, and is a wealth of knowledge. His style is a bit unconventional and his rates are not cheap but I think worth every penny.

His e-mail is 

A friend of mine flew with him two weeks ago before his first flight in his STOL, I did last year. It was a huge confidence builder. I do warn you make sure you specifically ask for stall training, because I got none. I think it is important since the 750 does not handle like a 172, but he does not seem to like to do stalls, he focuses on landings and airplane control and really excels on driving that home. 

The other issue is he has some distraction right now because he is fighting a indictment for landing on a highway to go to a school career day. The video ended up on Good Morning America and that type of exposure does not come without people calling for your head on a stick. I frankly think planned or not it does show a lack of judgement, but then again Buzz will teach you things out of your comfort zone that you need to know to survive that you won't get from the wimpy CFI's that permeate the traditional flight schools. The FAA is trying to make a system that spews out airline pilots, Buzz will teach you to be a bush/test pilot and really know the airplane and fly it by the seat of your pants. Forget the instruments! 

Yes, I learned a lot from Buzzy, made my first flight go a lot better than I expect it otherwise would have.

But like Jonathan, I didn't get any stall training or even a no flaps landing so I think there are gaps in his training for sure. Also, his billing math isn't very accurate :)

Got the replies.  Thanks from both of you.  Good to know information.  



Just realised I mis-typed, I only did no flaps landings, didn't do any with flaps

David, the only 750 here in Alaska ,  that pulled off center , was found to have 2mm more offset from one side to the other, on the inboard flaperon, chech yours, its also an easy way to compensate, for a built in error ..BOB

Thanks bob:  WOW! 2 mm.  Not much error there.  I will check it out.  I thank you for the lead.  



John, I had a serious pull to the left. Zodiac 601xl with a Continental 0-200 engine. My left wing and right were not at the same height. I finally put two tabs on my airplane. One on the right aileron and a tab on my rudder. It fixed the issue. However, I recently deposed my bungee cord system and put in the new oleo strut system. There are issues with the rigging. The ball is off to the left causing the airplane, I believe, to skid. Not something you want turning left base to final. I have to readjust my rudder cables.


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