New Form Link

I have a new way for you to join the spreadsheet

Long term I think it will make it more secure to participate. If you fill out the form, I will be the only one that can see your email address. I will only use your email address to secure the form and map. Only catch is, it has to be Google compatible email address.

  • If your personal email account wont work
  • Its super easy to create a google gmail account and link it to your own personal account. I created one after my N Number.
  • Its - you could use this account to log into the shared spreadsheet and new Google map.

New Form Link

Winners Announced See Latest Post!!! 

I will contact all the winners and let them know what what they need to do next.

Thanks for Participating !!!

Zenith Aircraft Builder and Pilot Experience Info Sheet

Google Shared Sheet Link


Google Map Topic/Discussion Moved here

Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns.

Thanks for taking any time you can from your project or flying, to fill out the spreadsheet.


John M. Greiner

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This is awesome. Thanks John!


Whats equally or even more awesome, is our fellow pilots and builders are taking the time to fill it out. That's what will make it successful. Thanks for the encouragement and look forward to your info when your ready. I think it will help with communication, now you will know who to ask or friend specifically about a thing your thinking about.

Knowing where to find good info and experience from fellow builders is absolutely priceless. I already saw some very interesting info on the spreadsheet and sent out a friend request. As soon as I have some good info to add, will definitely do so.

Thanks Robert for the positive feedback, and validating what I had hoped. Good luck with all of your building and flying!!!

Well the spreadsheet is already help me explore more options related to avionics and equipment.

It spurred new questions and curiosities for me.


  1. What is "Slotless Flaps/electric actuator" and similarly "Slotless"
  2. Oh man here we go, do we need a "Modification" section???

The one below, I think I know. I have separated my Elevator control/bellcrank from the Flaperon control tube 75C2-5.

Note added on sheet - "separate aileron/elevator controls"

I did the divorced flaperon/elevator control and there are many variations on doing this, but here is a pretty good video showing the basic idea:

I also did the slotless mod. Mine is slightly different, but very close to the 801 mod. Again, this is a good link to show the idea behind it:

These are what I consider the best two engineered designs I have seen for these mods.

This information will help a large number of builders / almost builders.

When I built my first plane, I can't tell you how many times I checked other builder websites to see how *they* did a certain step. I quickly found some great resources - builders who posted lots of photos and explanations what they did beyond just saying "assembled horizontal stabilizer".

Having experience online also dramatically reduced the need for either forum or company support queries.

From day one, I used Kitlog for both my Sonex and now my Cruzer ( ).  I lost track of the number of folks who contacted me to stop by for a visit, just by seeing my project online. Made friends I still have to this day as a result.

Thanks Carl for taking the time to share your project. Such a great way to help others.


Great job on this. It is fun to see comparisons and get an idea of what is popular and seems to work well.

Is there an easy way to group the models together? (701, 750, etc)

It would be easier to compare planes and I may be wrong, but I think everyone would probably like that?

Overall: Excellent


I haven't done it yet, ie adding filters or sort options... but here is any easy safe way to do this for yourself.

Make a copy of your own, of the spreadsheet . and sort and manipulate the data in your seperate file .

Long term, I will see if we can add some safe way to filter and sort that won't effect everyone at the same time.

Good idea, great minds think alike. :) 

Thanks for contributing and the positive and constructive feedback.

We are up to 20 builders / flyers now. Keep the info coming!

NEW - Now with totals and percentages on key fields, scroll down to see them.

We need more info like we have. We want to hear from you. Let me know if I can help.

Don't let your favorite airframe or engine choice lose! :)

Ok, now keep things honest, don't make up friends, or use your pets for data, these aren't your taxes your reporting.

In all seriousness, I have gotten a lot of positive feedback and support on this. Keep it coming. I am already benefiting personally from the information I see in one place. I know it will help many others.

John Greiner

We are up over 25 aircraft. I know there are more people out there building and flying Zenith. Please reach out as much as you can to get the word out for others to contribute. Looking great so far. Thanks once again to all that have taken the time to fill out the spreadsheet or make recommendations on improvements.

John Greiner


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