just saw an ad from A/C Spruce regarding Surefly Electronic Ignition. Replace one mag for about 1400$. Option allows for use of an advance curve with Manifold pressure reference. Anyone try on their or others O-200? Seems great for fuel injection but carb?  I had WW type electronic Ignition on my plane when flown with Corvair engine,  and it sure did enhance start-up

just starting some discussion

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For what it's worth, I just bought a Surefly yesterday for my other airplane (a Grumman Tiger, with an O360 that is being rebuilt at this moment). 

I based my decision on reports of easier starting and better fuel economy by others with the same engine.  I have no personal experience withSurefly ignitions at this time, but am looking forward to testing it (have also bought a new engine monitor with data logging capability).

Looking forward to reading of what others here report...

- Pat

good news, thanks to the folks from Granbury, TX!!

I got a reply from Harry Fenton regarding O-200 on facebook. seems to benefit above 5000' , only negative comment regarded the touted durability. Seems he worked at devolpment and testing in the past for Unisom . Expect fuel savings, does your application allow using the advance feature? or are you limited to fixed timing?


Unison Industries, Didn't mean that Harry worked on sleeping pills, Devil in the details

I don't have anything to add about the electronic ignition, but I do want to give a shout out to Harry Fenton, he has been a huge help to me as I built my O200, he is such a great resource and such a great guy! 

If people reading this hasn't seen his blog, it is chocked full of great stuff.


how did vetterman exhaust work out with stock cowling?

Hi Chris, sorry for late reply, I really like the exhaust, it seems very high quality but I haven’t flown with it yet. I hope your build is going great. 

any problems fitting vetterman in existing zenith cowling?

luckily I'm past building , sept is the 7 th anniversary of my first flight after b mod repair, originally built by original owner 2009

got one on order, Ill try it out with advance enabled

now installed, waiting for VFR ! 

installed unit, Do not use the ACS cheap harness set from aircraft spruce,  went from good to no good in two run ups. Back to original harness now hoping to fly today

test flight ok, seemed to get me a tiny bit more TAS, but will have to see. fuel data TBD

love this modification, faster starts more efficient and smoother operation. Originally had fine wires all around but seems to run better with massive electrode plugs off the surefly..suspecting advantage bigger gap on these used plugs


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