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Now if Honda had done what ford did and mix the two technologies, we'd have the best of both worlds.

Yeah, I thought of that. But with the time it takes for stuff like that to filter from the automotive world to aviation, we probably wouldn't see it for some time. Although, you have to admit Jan was pretty quick to recognize the potential in the new engine and create the 150. That's another thing I like about Viking. They're always looking to improve.

The base for 150 is honda civic 1.8 that has been around for 20 years, every year with little more 

RPM and little tweaks increasing HP, ex 2014 was 140 Hp, now more RPM and 150 HP ! 
Tomcatrv4 building 701 with 2013 1.8. Civic 140 Hp

I wish I knew about the 150 before I bought my 130, that is still sitting on the engine stand.

Yep, and I wish I knew about the Cruzer before I bought the STOL kit. Stinks being kept in the dark, but you know what they say about hindsight being 20/20.

They may not mention performance in the two new videos Viking just put out, but it sure looks like that 750 STOL gets off the ground awfully fast. I have absolutely nothing against STOL performance, but I'm more interested in finding out how cruise numbers changed. Since that plane had a 130 on it previously, it's a perfect candidate to compare performance numbers with to gauge the differences the 150 will give over the 130. Practically salivating waiting for those. LOL!

Hey Bob, sorry I'm just now getting to this - I didn't even see this post. 

The direct injection is going to be more fuel efficient and start slightly easier (because of the way the fuel is sprayed direct) that really is the biggest difference between the two for how we use the engine. We still have a preference to the direct injection - but any MODERN fuel injection is great. 

Also, the gentleman who installed the 150 HP - replaced the Viking 110 not the 130. We wouldn't suggest someone change out the 130 for the 150 if installed it would be unnecessary. 

Where the 150 comes into play is giving that extra bit of power for those that want it for slightly better take of performance and more power, high density altitudes would benefit as well. 

The 150 HP massively outperforms the 110 as does the 130 HP. 

The reality is it filled our lineup for HP between the 130 and the 195T. We really liked the reinforced oil pan in the 1.8 L (150 HP engine) and the fact they have been using this engine for over a decade. It also offered people to have the options between port and direct injection depending on their wants/preference. 

The 150 HP did wind up being in prototype about 13 lbs more. In mass production we should lessen that some as time passes. 

We offer the full FWF, and now we have it on the STOL - a Cozy - a Murphy Rebel and also being installed on an S21 in a few months - and shipping to another STOL in a month or so. It is our same tried and true products onto a new engine.

Also, we do not monitor the Zenith forum - but our email is the best place to reach us and I can always answer your questions close to immediate, or a phone call. In all the places to monitor these days forums seem to be less active. 

Ultimately - just a new option and this one seemed like a great option for us :) It would seem if you don't need more HP, Super short field operation, floats or at a high density altitude than I would suggest doing the 130. 


Thanks, Jan.


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