Pretty sure I'm the first customer delivery of the Unpanel mount. It's VERY solid and heavier than I expected. Almost 9 pounds...

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How is the front of the cockpit finished out if you go with this option? Are there plans and/or additional fuse parts available?

Are there any structural issues with the panel bottom crossbar removed? I love the visibility this affords...

I've actually abandoned this idea. I now have a $400 paperweight that's not really good at holding down paper.

Oh yeah? What's your plan? I used to build panels for a living and still don't know what I want to do...

How do you finish out the forward section of the cockpit without the standard panel? Is the weldment that spans the fuse at the panel structural?

The word is that it's not structural, but I'd get a nod from Zenith on that.

My build is a little stalled out at the moment. I'm actually considering selling it.

Oh, that's too bad, sorry to hear it

Friend request and message sent.


Yeah, I weighed them when I got them. It was a long time ago, but in my mind something like 11 pounds is sticking in the old noggin. 

I am installing the Unpanel option in my 750 STOL. I ordered the option last fall. It came with the pieces shown in the photo, plus some other items. There are 2 smaller aluminum sheets that replace the skin that goes above the instrument panel, so you do not have to cut that one down, just use it for scrap. I am going to use a large MGL panel and all other pieces (radio, transponder, etc.) will be remote mounted under the seats. I am still debating adding an iPAD below the MGL display for ForeFlight and backup. Yes, you do have to cut out the steel tube that is the lower instrument panel support from the cabin frame. And yes, that tube is a structural member. You also get 2 "heel gussets" (that they forgot to send me at first) to replace that structure. There were no instructions for these gussets (not to be confused with the heel gussets that attach between the heel support and the side skins), but the only place to put them would be on the aft face of the heel support and a square vertical tube on the cabin side. Unfortunately, it does not appear that these 2 pieces quite line up in my version (I am not yet working on the forward fuselage, so I am not certain). In viewing some Viking videos, it appears that on some (later?) versions of the kits, these parts do line up. I will have to make some adapters so that I can install these gussets.

The mount brackets are really heavy! It looks like they were designed to hold a 50" TV. I am planning on adding lightening holes and trimming off other weight where possible, but do not yet know how far I will be able to go with that. I would like to remove at least 1/3 (maybe even 1/2) the weight, though that remains to be seen.

I hope this helps you know what you get to work with when installing this option.

I have ordered the unpanel for my 750 STOL as well.  Have you made any further progress?  Very interested in how it works out for you.  We will start building in the fall....

So far I have made the adapters that I needed for the Unpanel heel gussets.  After trying one way, I found that a 5/8" square steel tube made the perfect adapter.  If you have a later edition 750, you might not need these adapters.  I have been trying to arrange where the components will go under the seats.  I am making some plate mounts for the radio, transponder, isolation transformer, etc.  Plus the sliding seat option.  Still have not attacked trimming the mount brackets.  Slow but moving forward.

I'd really like to see how you finish out the area behind the unpanel...

Yeah, so would I!  I have a couple of items that must be located there.  I have some other things that I would like to mount there.  I have also found that at least 2 things that I wanted to put there will not be practical.  So, many mental gyrations in trying to revise my initial thoughts.  When things finally get determined, I will let you know.


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