My 130 has about 100hrs on it and it's been using about 1qt every 2 hours of flight time since new. It varies a bit with RPM. At 4300rpm it'll use 1qt/5hrs and at 4800rpm 1qt/2hrs.

No leaks that I've been able to find. Based on the advise from Alissa, I added a catch can for the valve cover vent and found it pushes about 1/4 qt in that 2 hour span. I'm assuming the rest is being burned.

Alissa also recommended running 10W-30 break-in oil which helped at first, but I suspect it was mostly the increase in viscosity. Since consumption slowly increased again after switching back to the recommended 0W-20.

Anyone else have oil consumption issues with the Viking 130? Were you able to fix it?

I've been pretty happy with the engine otherwise, but adding oil more often than fuel is growing tiresome.

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Could a person use an oil dye and UV light to help find the source? 


Any progress?  Resolved?

 Follow Allissa's advice use the break-in oil for more than one oil change, put the engine under various loads,

touch and goes work well, make her grunt. 

 Troubleshooting 101, varify problem:

                                                         1. engine puking oil

  Trouble shooting 101

  Troubleshooting 101

                                   1. problem

                                   2.  possible causes

1. excessive oil use                                    

2. blow-by past the rings(caused by improper break in?) the longer the engine has been run the compression


3. verify oil levels, drain,  change filter, add3.5 qts. run, check dipstick.

4.The longer you run non-synthetic oil the better chance the rings will seat, if not pull the pistons re-ring,

 and hone the cylinders 

Haven't flown it for a little over a month now as life and other things get in the way.

Currently the engine has ~120hrs on it in the plane. Since these are used engines directly from Viking, I'm not sure how much use the engine had on it when I got it. No significant change in oil consumption has been seen over the course of the 120hrs I've been using it. 

I'm to the point where I think it's in need of new rings. Could also replace the short block for relatively little money, which seems more convenient than honing and new rings. 

Google the serial number, you might find the info you are mentioning. I did, mine had 21000 miles.

One thing that Alissa can't know is how was the car/engine treated before they got it, was it taken care of? or was it abused and used like a street racer. 

This is a very informative and helpful discussion.    I do not have a viking engine; I do have 140 hours flying an R18 Honda engine that does not typically use any oil.  (I did find it low 3/4 of a quart once).   I have my engine venting both the crank case and the valve cover into a single catch can.  I do have a turbo but I only use boost on take off.    Sometimes my 16oz catch can will get full in 3 hours of flight, sometimes it takes 6+ hours of flight.  I am trying to narrow down conditions that cause the accumulation to be higher than other times.  I highly suspect it is a combination of high rpm, high MAP, and/or high altitude flying (over 8K, over 25" map and over 4500rpm) that are the most likely circumstances that will cause the catch can to fill more rapidly that other.  I am also considering separating the crank case and the valve cover in to separate catch cans to see which one is venting the most oil.   

So when it comes down to looking at oil consumption and or high catch can accumulations, The type of flying is a significant factor on how this varies between engines.  I.E. how much of the flying is at high RPM?   If you have a catch can, is it venting the valve cover only or the crank case vent or both?   What altitude are you normally flying, and how hard are you pushing it when you fly? 


FWIW I would suggest someone start a new thread on that bolt/mount interference.  It is arguably a Servicde Bulletin level topic.  Kudos who who found that. f


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