We finally decided on an engine: We ordered an AeroMomentum AM15!

The engine is offered as a standard version with 117 hp @ 5800 rpm or 132 hp @ 6500 rpm, very similar to the Viking 130, which we were also considering. AeroMomentum however advertises only the 117 hp @ 5800, as this is the rpm at which Rotax engines make max. power and because they believe that pilots do not want to have their engines screaming at 6500 rpm.

AeroMomentum also offers a beefed up version, which makes, as indicated on their website, 131 hp @ 5800 rpm and 147 hp @ 6500. 

We decided to go with the standard, low profile, 117 / 132 hp version, as we didn't feel like spending another $3,500 for the additional 14 horses the beefed up version would provide. Another reason was, that the more powerful version contains custom made pistons and some other modifications. If we ever need spare parts, they will probably be easier to obtain for the stock version.

All engines are delivered with a dynamometer print out with the individual engine's torque and power curve. Pretty impressive and I believe unique in the industry!

I also like that AeroMomentum uses only brand new Suzuki engines, which have a very good track record in automotive applications and which are very popular, particularly in Asia and Europe.

Mark, the owner, said that he has been selling these engines for over 10 years to jet- and airboat customers. Most of them permanently run their engines full throttle.
The highest time engine accumulated over 4,000 hours without any issues, in a permanent full-throttle fishing net towing application. When the engine needed replacing, mainly due to poor maintenance, they even continued to use the original transmission. Very impressive, particularly considering that he is promoting his engines with a TBO of only 1,500 hrs.

I also like that the AM15 engine is only a little bit heavier than a 100 hp Rotax 912iS, but almost 40 pounds (!!) lighter than the Viking 130. AeroMomentum also advices against the installation of a header tank, what will save same additional weight, compared to the Viking, and also make the installation less complex.

Ultimately, the main reasons to choose AeroMomentum were the relatively low weight, good power, that they have been selling their engines for over 10 years to airboat customers, the attractive price and the very good impression I had of Mark, the owner. He always responded fast and detailed to my e-mails and was very patient and friendly on the phone. When I met him and Lilli, the lady who is handling the sales, at Airventure, my good impression was confirmed: Super friendly, humble and (we felt) honest.

They are still working on the firewall forward kit, we agreed to be Beta customers. We expect to receive the firewall forward kit, minus the cowling, in September. The engine is supposed to be delivered in October, the cowling towards the end of the year.

Very exciting!

HomebuiltHelp has a nice interview with Mark on his YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/xWOj5_0DoQI

Their website: http://aeromomentum.com/ 


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I believe it is.  I showed the pictures they have at their site to a mechanic friend of mine and he thinks it is Anodized.  I'll ask Aeromomentum next time I communicate with them.

It's anodized.

Some of the welded aluminum components have also been media blasted after welding and look really nice.

I think it shows that they have been making these engines for quite a few years now.

Other fwf components however still need some work, but we knew this in advance, since we signed up to be beta testers for the Zenith fwf kit. I guess that once we have our fwf kit figured out with AeroMomentum, the actual series production fwf kits should be really nice.

I'll try to make a video this weekend, going over the individual components and the required changes.

Wow!!  what a beauty!     I can't wait to complete my build to get this engine.


Thank you. It was a bit like Christmas and even the neighbors came over to check it out. :-)

I also looked at the Aeromomentum engine but decided on the Viking 130 for my Zenith 601XL.  It is amazing that there are so many conflicting reports.  I did my own research and narrowed it down to the Jabiru or the Viking and went with the Viking. I will look for your future reports and we can compare notes.

Even though we chose differently, I still think that the Viking is a good choice and that we would have been happy with it as well.

I hope that both companies will be successful in the long term, as I think that some serious competition to the Rotax engines is desperately needed: The new Rotax 915 is almost $40K + fwf kit!

Hi Bryan,

I didn't get around making a video yet, but just took two pictures of the prototype engine mount.

The stainless steel tubing and the quality of the welds looks nice:

The shop that made the mount accidentally cut the lower engine mount tubes too short. Besides of fixing this, these tubes will be made of a thicker material to make welding easier in the next version :

Another change will be that the mounts to the firewall will not be drilled anymore. The reason is, that the holes on the mount perfectly lined up with the center of the brackets on the cockpit side, but the pre-drilled holes in the firewall were off. Not by much, it would have worked, but after a lengthy discussion with Mark we agreed that not drilling the mount at all gives the builder the biggest flexibility regarding the alignment of the mount an the exact position of the holes.

AeroMomentum will make their own cowling, I am supposed to receive a draft in the next few days.

We went with the Viking spring.

We finished yesterday the second wing to the point at which we'd have to install the tank and will next continue working on the fuselage. I hope that we'll be ready to install the engine by the end of July. 

Thank you for posting these shots.   When you have an opportunity would you take a shot showing the full view of the entire mount on the firewall?

Thank you so much!

Here you go:

Please note that we haven't installed any of the stiffeners on the firewall yet.

Let me know if you want me to take another picture.

Thank you so much Oliver for that new picture!   I just want to see everything I will face when I order mine.

How far, more or less, will the engine be from the firewall?  6" ?

Hi Oliver, any news and developments regarding your engine? Nothing new on my side, waiting for it.

Hello Mike,

Except of a few smaller components, everything arrived a few weeks ago. I made a video and uploaded it just a couple days ago: http://www.zenith.aero/forum/topics/aeromomentum-am15-video



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