Before I bought my kit I was sure I was missing out on a lot of terrific information and activity on these forums.  As it turns out there really isn't much going on here is there?   I've enrolled myself in the Yahoogroups e-mail group also and though there is quite a bit more going on there I find that most of the scratch builders are strangely hostile to Chris, Sebastian and the crew.  Odd.   Perhaps before the 750 model came along there was more traffic on the 701 forum.  I can't say.  I wasn't here.  

Anyway,  I'm still scraping and scrounging trying to make enough room to finish up my kit.  I'm moving from a small house with a big garage into a big house with a small garage.  Go figure.  

Keep up the chatter guys.  It's always good to hear about building and yes, flying adventures. 


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Doesn't seem that bad here, bit more quiet during the summer but usually it's pretty steady.  I'm a member on the 750 builders yahoo group and that place is REALLY quiet, sometimes nothing goes on there for a week!  Which yahoo group are you on?  I don't see too many other ones out there...


My building has stopped for the summer heat and I've found that I have stopped reading and posting to the sites.


I probably agree that it seems like there is a little less activity now but I think perhaps some of the recently active members are in the completion stages (where thing seem to move slower) and testing-flying stages.

As far as scratch building that I don't understand.  I am scratch (slow) building a 650, and every time I have contacted the factory for help or questions they have been GREAT to work with.

Hi Dan,

I used to post pictures and statuses every second day while I was building but now that the 701 is flying, there is not much chatter on the building side. As far as the flying goes, still need to have decent weather and places to go. During the week it is harder to get the 701 up because of work all other life bothers...

You are quite right, this summer was quieter than usual but I suspect that with fall/winter coming the building will resume and more posts will be generated.

As far as the Zenair factory support goes, they were always there when I needed advice or some paperwork filled. No complaints there, only good words from me.



Homebuilt CH701SP

I'm still fighting to make room to work in my garage.  Combining all that with a move and moving my mother out and into a Memory Care Facility has me tired, irritable, and hearing voices.  Just kidding.  All you builders and flyers of your own creations keep me pressing ahead.  I saw my first "Sport Aviation" in a barber shop back in the '60s.  Many false starts.  This one will get built!!!  The more you guys keep up the chatter the better I feel. 


Currently a Luscombe owner

Where are you now on the project?


Right wing closed and riveted. Rear fuselage riveted.  Left wing clicoed up needs de-burr and fuel system finish up and close.  Horizontal and ruddervator done.  I'm going to start the front fuselage as soon as things settle down here; probably by late fall.  I'm going to tear open the wings and lengthen them the wings using CH sketches.  I will base the airplane at 5000' here in Reno Nevada so I want the extra wing to help with high D/A almost all the time.  I may have an engine problem with the Luscombe that will suck my cash for awhile but I don't really need to put any money in it for a while anyway.  


That's great progress....Quiet on the website? I believe it depends on the subject matter and how its presented. For instance a guy updating his progress doesn't get a whole lot of attention. But ask the question "which engine should I use for my 701?" and stand back here it comes. It just going to take the right subject matter and the chatter starts. Just keep logging in; eventually somebody's going to push the right button.



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