I was just wondering how many of you out there have experienced the same thing I have.

Every time I tell my family or friends that I'm building an airplane they all get this horrified look on their face and tell me they know all kinds of people that have died in homebuilt aircraft and they're sure I will be the next one if I go ahead with this insanity. When pressed they can never give me any names or specifics though.

So I was just wondering what everyone else's response is when they get this from family and friends.

I have rigged up several 2 x 4's and some bed sheets, took a picture of it, this is what I show them when they ask what my airplane looks like. At that point they just turn several shades of white and don't have much more to say about it. Usually it's all I can do to not burst out laughing..

So what is a good answer or comeback to people like this.

Take care and appreciate the joy of building.... there's nothing better in life.

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Thanks to the Heintz Family indeed!

I'm old, what Better way to go than having fun. Beats dieing of cancer. Life a risk, People are so afraid of dieing, they have forgot how to live. Part of the thrill is risk.

I agree.  <'(((>/p>

I posted my progress on facebook so my family and friends could watch as "piles of aluminum" turned into a shiny thing of beauty. There was much skepticism in the beginning but nothing but awe and wonder by the end.  :-)

Good looking aircraft!!

I will tell them just stay in bed, 34,000 people die in car accidents every year. 

I am going flying and enjoy the beauty of life on earth from high high up in my RV10 .


Ask them when they we're little did they not get the BB gun after they we're told they would shoot their eye out? LOL!!

I acquired my CH 750 when it was almost complete, so I did not have much time in the build . But when I posted pictures of me flying on FB, one person continually ranted about how dangerous small planes were and that she hated flying. I said, "statistically, the most dangerous part of flying is driving to the airport".

I put 2 (TWO) AOA indicators on my airplane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get new friends and tell family, "if I have to explain it, you would not understand!"

When you come to my house, you’ll find no inkling of my wife’s and my favorite hobby. No photos or paintings of airplanes, no plaques or awards, no models, no propellers, and no clothing bearing aviation insignias. Our friends are carefully compartmentalized: pilots and non-pilots. Ne’er the two shall meet, lest chaos will ensue.

Being very active in my community, and flying for more than 40 years, some people do know that I’m a pilot. But, I learned many years ago, no one, and I mean no one is to know I’ve become a builder. I learned this with my first homebuilt when I suddenly became suspect of intellectual and/or psychological deficiencies. I was taken aside and given serious takings-to. People that knew and respected me for years no longer found value in associating with me. After all, I would not be around that much longer anyway.

My wife, a Facebook fan, in addition to leaving politics and religion out of social media for a more pleasant experience, found that homebuilding, and even flying in general, is equally taboo. “You have an airplane? You must be filthy rich.” Admittedly, it’s hard to post breathtaking photos and tell your Facebook friends about your fabulous weekend where you flew to so-and-so without sounding narcissistic.

So, to keep peace with the rest of the world, it’s become our big secret. Our private pleasure. Like we’re some kind of freaky sexual deviants. We build in our hanger. We enjoy the airport community and all the pilots that come by and visit. We get up early Sunday mornings and fly somewhere for breakfast. And, occasionally we’ll even have a hanger party, that no one in town ever knows about.

Sounds like you have some very close-minded friends. Taking up friends who have never flown GA before is a great joy I've found.


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