Unfortunately I have decided to sell my Cruzer CH750 project. My life has changed and I simply don't
have the time, sadly I have not been able to work on it in over a year...so as tough a decision as it is, I
know it's the right one.
The airplane is almost complete and the plane is on the gear. The main gear has Desser tundra tubeless tires and the nosewheel is an 8.00 x 6.00 tube type tire. The steel bungee has been installed. Fuselage,wings, H stab, V stab, Rudder and Flaperons all done. Dual sticks are mounted. The ailerons have been divorced from the elevator. Matco brakes have been installed on both sides and I have double pucks for each front wheel. It's easier to tell you what isn't done than what is...so here's what remains to be finished:
The roof (skylight), doors, seat pans, cowl, baffles, avionics, wiring and plumbing...although the wings
have been wired for strobes and landing lights and have been plumbed with 1/2” solid aluminum fuel and vent lines. I have all the materials needed to complete except the avionics (does include two Garmin auto pilot servos). I have the new door kit and landing light. I also have a full Robert Lemke interior finish package. The wings need to be mounted and final rigging completed. I will also include all clecos and numerous tools for the buyer.

There is a very detailed Kitlog build website: http://www.mykitlog.com/n2charlie/

The Robert Lemke interior package: http://www.mykitlog.com/users/display_log.php?user=n2charlie&pr...


There is a ton of information on that website. This is my second homebuilt project and if I do say so, the workmanship is excellent.

If you have questions you must call me or email me. Cell: 617- eight two eight-5550.

Email: donmorrisey at gmail dot com.

Please...serious folks only.

I am motivated to sell so make me a reasonable offer.  For just airplane I want $23,000.
documented). I have well over $50,000 invested in the project when you add in the Robert Lemke
interior, new doors, landing light, autopilot servos etc, etc. 90 % of the work is done so all the labor to
date is free.
BTW I live in Southampton, Massachusetts.

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Hey Don, sorry to hear you are selling. Not sure if you are a Facebook member, but they have a Zenith Exchange site that is also helpful in selling anything Zenith, maybe that will help.? -Alissa

Don...quit tempting me!!  That is a super deal and I am just up the road in Maine.  Wish I could commit!

Sorry to see you do that. If it becomes available I would be interested in the interior kit. John

Really not interested in selling it piece by piece.  Thx

Left you a message.   Trying to reach you

Nice talking to you Brad, let me know what you decide.  Thanks

What needs to be done to convert this to a STOL model? Just add the slats on the wing? 

The CH750 STOL has an entirely different wing design. Not just the forward slats. FYI. Different airfoil. 

Only the fuselage and cabin are common to the two models.  The wings and tail on the Cruzer are completely different than the STOL.

See what fellow Zenith builder (Jonathan Fay did with his Cruzer ) - kinda best of both worlds!

True...the landing gear is set up with tundra tires, the STOL nose fork and an 8.00 x 6.00 tire on the nose.


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