Since this is an online community, there are a few rules that need to be followed.  We'll try to keep the rules as simple as possible and to a bare minimum and we'll change and update them as required.

RULE#1:  You'll need to use your real name, and be an actual builder, owner or flyer of a Zenith aircraft.  This site is an online community of active builders and flyers, and is to promote this very worthwhile and rewarding hobby.  
We require that members be friendly and courteous with their posts, and be respectful of fellow members. There are already (too) many unmoderated internet mail lists full of unreliable information and "flaming" from dubious sources.  Therefore, we require you to use your real name and a profile photo of yourself.  Of course, we respect your privacy and will not sell (or share) any of your personal information. When you signed up to join we requested your aircraft (plans) serial number, your phone number, and your age. This information is private and is not visible to anyone else (we use it to verify that you're an actual Zenith aircraft builder / flyer).
RULE#2 Keep information (photos, videos and posts) relevant and of interest to fellow builders and flyers of Zenith aircraft.
RULE#3:  Participate and have fun with  Remember that this is an online community of active builders and flyers, and therefore requires member participation.  Post updates, building tips and hints, report on a recent flight... and please comment (politely) on postings from others. Commercial or business use of the forums is prohibited except that engine vendors can post informative material and useful links in the engine forums. If you have a business affiliation with a product, service, or company mentioned in your post, please disclose it.
RULE#4:  Please do not "double post!"  "Double posting" or "cross posting" is placing the exact same discussion or topic in two or more forums. Although this may seem like a good idea to get more responses, it can start two or more discussions with different members participating and different information presented. Someone unaware that there are two or more discussions could miss important information. Even if aware of the double posts, it means members have to check two or more places to be sure they have all the information. If several members did this, it would lead to chaos! Please just decide which forum your discussion fits best and place it there only!
RULE#5:  Do not place advertisements in the Open or Type-Specific Forums.  Ads tend to generate multiple responses and each response "pushes down" other discussion topics on the page.  These forums are intended for discussions and not ads.  If you wish to advertise an item for sale, or are seeking to purchase an item, please post in the Classified Listings. You can also find this link by looking in the right column on any page and find the box "Zenith Aircraft for Sale."  Clicking on "Zenith Aircraft for Sale" or "Classified Listing" in that box will take you to the Classifieds.
Note that we will ban any users that abuse this site.  Please contact us with any suggestions or comments, and report any abuses.  We're also looking for a few "moderators" and/or "administrators" to help with this site as it grows. Currently, John Austin, a Zenith STOL CH750 builder, is serving as a volunteer moderator. Please message him if there are problems with the forum content or contributors. If you have interest in serving as a moderator for a specific forum, please contact Sebastien at Zenith.
We are committed to continuing to ensure that Zenith.Aero remains safe and fun for everyone who uses it.  As a member online community of the Ning platform, there are a number of safety tips and resources available: 
Contact us with your comments or suggestions:

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