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sheet metal fabricator /canadian sheet metal champion /owner of a stainless steel and aluminum shop with cnc equipment /race car builder and driver /now flying enthusiest
got a skid of aluminum july 15
completed the fusalage and tail .working on the hor/stab now
i made the cab 5 inches wider and am planning on taking the slats off and put vgs on .
will take som picks and post them soon
yee haaa

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At 7:49am on January 22, 2014, Normand Lambert said…

Hi Jim,

Happy to hear everything under control and looking good ! Didn't try no slats and no VGs - Would not advise it... Check Stolspeed website - they tried and dont recommend it. Makes the 701 too touchy on landings...Flare and all.  For me,. not worth trying ...VGs installation too easy and works wonder for our machines... We need more of your photos and reports flight reports !



At 9:26am on December 22, 2013, Normand Lambert said…
Hi Jim,
How's the engine doing ? Flown much with the new engine yet ?
At 8:16am on October 15, 2013, Normand Lambert said…

Hi Jim,

Love your engine installation ! Nice and tidy. Mine is hydraulic too. It runs very well still...I was told again that my engine sounded real nice...Like a sport car almost... Just love it.

I took the Slats off ...20lbs off in front of the CG and no real drawbacks. Actually, landings are flatter and I don't have to hold throttle up till flare anymore. I can come in idle and almost flat and still flare and land like a feather. Also, inflight, when reducing power the plane doesn't slowdown as abruptly as before with the Slats. It just slows down smoothly. Finally, at 75% throttle, I fly faster than before...not much but I did see a difference.

I guess those Slats really drag a lot at high speeds but help a lot at very low speeds.I don't need those VERY SLOW SPEEDS so the VGs work better for me.

For me, no doubt about it : NO MORE SLATS. Recommend it ? For the type of flying I do (no EXTREME SLOWS FLIGHT NEEDED) , It was the thing to do.

For you ? Ask yourself if you REALLY need to takeoff on 50 feet ???

Keep the news coming !



At 4:23pm on October 12, 2013, Normand Lambert said…
Hi Jim,
I was wondering what you were up to ? Now I see !!!
Keep posting statuses and photos !
Hope to see this one fly soon !
At 8:07am on August 20, 2013, Normand Lambert said…

Hi Jim,

How is your engine rebuild going ? Any news ?

Let me know...


At 5:41pm on August 4, 2013, Normand Lambert said…
Hi Jim,
What are your findings ????
Can you tell me how hot your antifreeze is when flying ?
What type of antifreeze ? I use Prestone and it is mixed 70/30
And i'm seeing 80C to 85C in cruise.
Hope your engine isn't too severely damaged. Let me know if I can help
In any way.
At 11:00pm on August 1, 2013, Normand Lambert said…

Hi Jim,

Glad you made it OK. My EA-81 had the camshaft reground too... I had to change the water pump last month and that went well. Only thing I did wrong is I filled the radiator with WATER only and that caused a problem on my last outing. I flew a 45 minutes flight at night to a controlled airport and had to hold short for 15-20 minutes before I could taxi back. The water overheated and eventually the safety on the overflow container cap let boilling water out ! I couldn't takeoff again and it was pitch black. Had to leave the 701 there. Called my better half, she picked me up and this weekend I have to go back to assess the problem, fix it and fly the 701 back home. 

I suspect the antifreeze mix was less than 50/50 which caused the boilling temp to be way too low...This and the fact that I was stranded on the ground with the engine running in the 27C AOT didn't help.

Keep me posted on your findings.



At 8:05pm on July 31, 2013, Steven Ward said…

Thank you Jim for your reply. You did a great job getting on the ground safe and sound! I really like to hear how pilots keep a cool head in an emergency and make it down safely, great job! 

At 10:46am on July 31, 2013, Normand Lambert said…

Hi Jim,

Heinz Genrich has the same engine as me. EA-81 reworked for aircraft use.

I don't know what is included but I have a gear redrive that came with it and it works real well. You can find Heinz on this site and he is located around the Toronto area...

Check it out. Tell him I sent youfor infos... 

You can get to me thru : thech701storm on Hotmail if need be.

Night flying was real nice except forthe fact that I had all kinds of problems getting the ARCAL to light up the runmaw lights when the time came to land....

Otherwise I just LOVE this bird.


At 7:36am on July 31, 2013, Normand Lambert said…

Hi Jim,

Glad you made it safely after all ! Were you using SYNTHETIC oil ?

That is what I use (20W50 summer - 5W40 winter) and it keeps the engine warm.

Thanks for sharing your misfortune, I checked my sensors and they are all electric (no tubes). Let me know if you have trouble fiinding parts to rebuild the Subaru... I had to change the water pump on it and it wasn't as easy to find the part as I tought...




At 11:09pm on June 27, 2013, Normand Lambert said…

HI Jim,

Got my CofA without restriction. Climb test : 525ft/minute at 60mph at 1200lbs Gross Weight and 28C OAT. Not bad. I got 90mph at 5000rpm (top 5600rpm) and 80mph at 4700rpm. Very happy with the results. Got 50 minutes ride to new airport with everything in the middle Green (55 lbs oil pressure, 190 oil temp, 85 water temp, 300 CHT, 1400 EGT. Just LOVE IT !!!!

Hope you Enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine !!!



At 6:46am on June 20, 2013, Normand Lambert said…

Hi Jim, Ok Thanks for the infos. I will try to go to the TC office next week and show them my logbooks to get my restrictions lifted off right away. I'm asking for VFR DAY/NIGHT since my onboard equipment justifies it. What did you ask for ? I'll let you know how this turns out. Sounds like your engine/propellor is doing a great job. Still could tweak min some but for the time being, I'll stick with what I got.



PS ENJOY !!!!!


At 10:40am on May 29, 2013, Normand Lambert said…

Hi Jim,

The Beanie helped a LOT ! First, I did the VGs under the elevator and it helped to keep control of the nosewheel on landings. It retarded the nose plunge associated with the bleeding speed. Still, when the speed got under a certain point, the nosewheel would drop abruptly even if I kept full backstick.

Now, with the Beanie I can modulate EASILY how I want the nosewheel to descend to the ground on landings. I can drop it down as light as a feather or keep it in the air for sooooo long ! Also, the stick force that I have to apply in all flight situations seems to have diminish somewhat. Elevator response seems crisper and faster.

All in all, I would say it is THE BEST mod so far, the elevator VGS being a close second best.



How do you find the aileron response on your bird...Mine is kind of sluggish ...Maybe due to the twin control sticks having less sideways movement...???

At 8:52am on May 29, 2013, Normand Lambert said…

Hi Jim,

Ok thanks for the flap info. I'll try that for size next time I fly.

Here too, weather is erratic...Waiting for blue skies and calm winds...Pictures of your mufflers ???



At 10:04pm on May 23, 2013, Normand Lambert said…

Hi Jim,

My muffler was custom made out of stainless steel. It is a 2 in 1. the 2 cylinders on the passenger side go into 1 pipe on the passenger side of the muffler. Same for the pilot side.

There is also a heatshield around the muffler for carbheat and cabin heating.

I uploaded 2 new photos of what was done...The muffler is very effective: I could talk in the plane to a passenger without earmuffs and didn't have to shout!



At 9:56am on May 15, 2013, Normand Lambert said…

Hi Jim,

Just watch for that oil temp ...When you load the engine, the oil temp goes up and the rpm goes down ... Less air movement. Getting 88mph at 4950 is really good. I try for 4700rpm with around 80mph and 5600rpm WOT at takeoff. 750-1000 fpm climb solo full gas at 55mph. At/near GW, I get around 300-350fpm... Guess those small wings can't do it all.

Keep safe.


At 6:53am on May 13, 2013, Normand Lambert said…

Hi Jim,


I know you would love it !!! Geeee...6.5 hours ??? I tought I did good flying 2.2 hours on friday !!!??? If you continue like this, you'll finish up the 25 hours faster than me...

Still, I am at 21.7 and counting... What is your propeller pitch set at now ??

Mine is 14.5 at 70% blade lenght and I get 5600rpm for takeoff... I see 750fpm single, full fuel at 55mph... My gearbox is 2.3/1. On takeoff, I get 195 oil temp, 85C water temp, 310 CHT and 1575 EGT... It all goes down to 175-180 Oil, 75-80C water, 290 CHT and 1425 EGT at cruise speed ...

Have fun !!!


At 3:28pm on May 10, 2013, Normand Lambert said…

Hi Jim,

I hope it comes in the mail soon... Next, you'll have to fly circle around your airport for

25 hours alone... The first few hours are interesting (adjustments to the plane and pilot)

but I hope they'll be as uneventful as mine. Never boring but it takes a LONG TIME to accumulate those 25 hours....

Let us know.



At 11:10am on May 8, 2013, Normand Lambert said…

Hi Jim,

Not to rub it in but ...What about that paperwork ???

If you haven't gotten it yet, just call the TC office and ask if your file is OK. It maybe held because of a stupid thing or if not, it will remind them that you'd like something back in the mail...soooooooon !!!

Let us know. We're alI behind you !



At 1:55am on May 3, 2013, Normand Lambert said…

Hi Jim,

Waiting for paperwork...Always my favorite hobby...




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