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At 10:15am on April 25, 2015, Patrick Hoyt said…
KLVN is at 960 feet, but density altitudes are often negative here, especially in winter. I've flown in DA's of minus 4,500 feet before. The plane is off the ground before the numbers on the runway in those conditions. Highest DA that I've seen was maybe 3,000 feet. Any time the DA is over 2,000 feet, the AWOS says it. I don't know what it would be like at someplace like Denver, where you're already a mile up just standing on the ground.
At 7:57pm on April 24, 2015, Patrick Hoyt said…
Yeah, I'm running an MA3-SPA. Never had to adjust it or anything. Just bolted it on, and am at 150 hours on it. I'm tempted to take it apart and "clean" it or something, but have resisted that so far....
At 9:38pm on July 8, 2014, Juan vega said…
What ever happened to that young girl that supposedly went to MIT, she must be graduated by now. Did her plane ever fly?
At 9:34pm on July 8, 2014, Juan vega said…
Still using it for commuter purposes. Like a flying miata.
At 9:33pm on July 8, 2014, Juan vega said…
Plane has 400 hrs, need to change oil, plugs and one ignition coil, other than that running good.
At 4:48pm on June 7, 2014, Wayne Huk said…

Dan- very nice looking plane - congratulations on a big project well done.


Wayne Huk

At 9:32pm on November 7, 2012, Steven Winn said…


Thanks for the kind words about my project. I looked at your build site...WOW. What an odyssey scratch building is.

I especially liked your vacuum cleaner/suction bending technique. Slick

What type of cutting tip do you use in your hole cutter?

Steven Winn

At 9:00am on August 27, 2012, Patrick Hoyt said…

Multiple "Serial Number 001's" for Corvairs out there....?   Interesting point.  I bet there's already 001's out there.  Doubt if it matters, but case code might be a good idea just in case (no pun intended).

At 6:07am on August 27, 2012, Garry Williams said…

Hey Dan, I have taken off the last few months as I am trying to finish my bathroom addition to my garage before the fall of this year. I am almost there, and can get back into building. My shop is separate from the house, and needed a bathroom in my shop, so I decided to build it myself. Drywall, Siding and one more inspection and I should be done. BTW your project is really moving forward. You are doing great work and excellent progress! ~G

At 8:41pm on August 23, 2012, Patrick Hoyt said…

Hi Dan!  For "Engine Manufacturer, Model, and Serial Number" I put:  "Chevrolet, Corvair, 001".

One thing that stung me is that I just found out this week (from my DAR) that the local MIDO office "uses their own forms".  I'd bought the green packet from the EAA, and thought I was ahead of the game.  Now I have to fill out "their forms" instead.  So I'm waiting to get them.  Dealing with low-level government clerks is beyond frustrating. 

At 7:04pm on August 18, 2012, Randall Wade Grandpre said…

I am going thru the cert. process and they changed a bunch of stuff this summer. you are going to need someone in the know, like a DAR.  Good Luck OH! and start now because the wheels of the Feds turn reaalll!!! slowwww!!

At 1:22pm on November 17, 2011, Jacky Winters said…

Hey Dan,

I'm going to be driving right by Charlottesville this Saturday and was wondering if you would be up for a visitor to your project?



At 6:01am on August 13, 2011, Glenn Johnson said…
Hi Dan,
Not yet
Been have a few issues with rivets and have gotten the worked out now. Both wing are ready to put back on, so airframe is ready now. Will be ordering engine parts this week to rebuild the O-200 I am using
The other issue is working 2 jobs paying for the airplane! I have zero time.
At 6:14am on March 3, 2010, Garry Williams said…
Greetings Dan,
Can you tell me if you made your own landing gear (specifically the main spring gear) or did you buy it from Zenith? I had heard of people bending their own but have not actually read where someone had documented it. You are very resourceful and I thought you may have done it and wanted to ask.
At 2:16pm on December 6, 2009, Garry Williams said…
Hey Dan, thanks for the info and advice. We got about 5" of snow not much but that should have been during the week and I maybe would had a day off :) But I agree with you that since the changes are being made frequently for the spars I will wait until the DRAFT lable is off the plans. I was going to hop over and start on the tanks and thus my questions to you. I plan on riveting the tanks together and use proseal just like you and others. So I am collecting informaiton on techniques and parts so I can get a game plan together. I too have a week off at Christmas and would like to spend a little of that time working on my project, but since the spars are not an option right now then the tanks seem the next logical step.
At 9:17pm on December 5, 2009, Garry Williams said…
Hello Dan, found your website and it's great. I am definately going to use you as a resource. If I may, can you please let me know where you purchased your parts for the fuel tanks? I am going to build my own tanks and was unsure of the type of filler caps, sender, and tank vent. And help would be appreciated. Also I just watched the video from Zenith as they were constructing their center spar and they are using parts that are not in the new plans. I noticed that the updated plans call for the larger washers on both sides of the spacers but also there are a set of larger spacers used that do not have washers on either side. I watched the video a couple of times to be sure. I really want to start construction of the spar. But I am very hesitant to start. Your thoughts on this?
Take care!
At 1:12pm on November 15, 2009, Garry Williams said…
Hey Dan, I have constructed both flaps without a twist, but the one Aileron has the 13mm washout buit into it and I am in the construction phase of the second aileron and will add the 13mm washout to that one as well. For now, I will keep them both cleco'ed and will most likely wait and see if I need to construct new ailerons (with hinges) or see what someone else does for the hingless design. Personal Note, my brother lives in Roanoke and my youngest daughter is going to Radford. So you live in the good part of VA.
At 9:32pm on November 14, 2009, Garry Williams said…
Greetings Dan, Thanks for the compliments and kind words. I had both ailerons cleco'ed and ready to rivet when I saw the notice from Zenith. I am building hingless ailerons and I had chatted with Ron Lendon (another 601 builder) and he said that he was not sure if the balanced mod for the aileron was for the hinged version only. I got the impression that the balanced mod was for both. What is your take on it. And I have to be honest, when I read about the mods to the main spar I was wondering what all of the other builders like yourself are thinking now that your most of the way done and now a teardown. Give me your thoughts on that if you don't mind. Again thanks, and lets stay in touch.

At 8:32pm on February 15, 2009, Cliff Martin said…
Nice to know there's a Zodiac on the other side of the mountains. Looks like you're making good headway. After too many years involved on other things, I'm finally getting back to my Zodiac building. I'm just north of Lexington, if you get close, give me a shout. southriverent@rockbridge.net Cliff Martin
At 7:04pm on January 9, 2009, Glenn Johnson said…
I am picking one up locally here at KCPK


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