This is my pitch for the Zenair CH-640. This video is split into two parts. Visit for more information on this aircraft

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Comment by Michael T. on October 21, 2017 at 9:54am

I really liked this video for putting it out there for a great design. In the video there is a shot of the sheets with the parts shown on the sheets, do you have detailed drawing of that. If your still scratch building I'm just getting started and have some questions if you're still around

Michael in Toronto

Comment by Kay C. Caldwell on November 27, 2011 at 10:53pm

Also if you are interested in a canopy from an Alarus I know where you can buy a used one.  The windshield is still in it and last I saw it, it had no cracks or scratches.  It is the one I got the wings off of. 

Comment by Kay C. Caldwell on November 27, 2011 at 10:47pm

James, I agree with everything in your two presentations.  I too am building a 640.  Mine has been from scratch with the exception of me being able to find two alarus wings that I am going to extend to the 640 specs.  This will save me a bunch of time and I only paied 500.00 for both wings.  Looking forward to fucture presentations!!  Regards  K.C.

Comment by Jeff Slutz on November 22, 2011 at 11:01pm

Ah, so maybe it's Zenair who needs to build a new updated 801.  I looked at many kit planes before buying an 801 (Bearhawk, Moose, RV-10, Cozy IV, Velocity, etc., as well as the 801 and 640) and in the end I made two decisions.  (1) I was going to stay under $80k complete or I'd buy a certified airplane.  (2) I wanted to operate out of a field behind my house.  Based on that, I settled on the 801 (the 640 was a close second for me).  I'd love to see both these 4 place designs get some press.  I think they have a great deal of untapped potential.  Considering the #1 selling airplane in the history of the world is the Cessna 172, it seems like the 801 is an obvious choice, but as you mentioned, how many cherokee drivers are out there who've never even heard of a 640?.  I'll vote for you as the 640 spokesman!

Comment by James Cameron on November 22, 2011 at 3:48pm

Thanks Jeff and Andre. Jeff, allow me to add my 2 (more) cents as well.
In my opinion, Sebastien has done a great job keeping the products updated that they manufacture at the Zenith company in Mexico,MO. This website is a perfect example of his company keeping up with the times. Unfortunately, the 801 and the 640 don't fall under his control. It appears to me that Zenair in Canada hasn't been too proactive with marketing their kit planes, which include the 801 and 640. They haven’t updated their 640 page since 2005 when Steve Adams completed his project. At least a dozen others have flown since then and they haven’t taken the time to add this to the site. Look at the Zenith site; they post so many photo updates that I can’t even keep up.
Zenair is also responsible for the CH2000, which to my knowledge isn’t even being manufactured any longer except by special order. Zenair has done a decent job of marketing the new floats, but it’s almost like they’ve forgotten about their kit plane audience. It’s easy to blame the current economical situation, but this trend started in about 2006.
The CH-640 is the only kit plane I know of that is based in a part 23 certified platform; That in itself is huge. How many articles have you seen in Kitplanes about the 640?? I recall it mentioned once about 5 years ago compared with other aircraft that had a useful load of over 1,000 lbs. I think it’s been at least that long since the 801 was mentioned in any of Kitplanes magazine articles.
The 640 is also the only all-metal 4 place that you can scratch build that I’m aware of. It is the only 4 place low wing kit other than the RV-10. It nicely fills that niche that the piper Cherokee fills. I feel that the biggest issue is that nobody knows enough about it. It the kitplane world, nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd.
And the 640 demo plane; the last I heard it was just collecting corrosion outside at the old Eastman facility. I think Sebastien told me once that he actually owns the 640 demo. Maybe I could convince him to let me look after it and become the self-appointed spokesman for the 640.

Comment by Jeff Slutz on November 22, 2011 at 2:30pm

Yes, I agree.  A very nice presentation.  I considered the 640 before buying my 801.  I went with the 801 for the off-field STOL capabilities.  I also agree with your comments about it not being supported to the same degree as the 2-place models.  Neither is the 801.  It didn't make it to Oshkosh this year for example.  I'd like to see Zenith get more serious about these 4-place models...they're terrific airplanes.  Even though the higer demand is for LSAs, when you compare the incremental cost of simple upgrades like pre-cut panels and LED landing lights (i.e 750) it's very small if you sell 5% more kits due to the customer acceptance due to updated features.  Sebastian, how about selling your 801 and building a new one with all the available upgrades and options, install a modern panel, an upgraded interior, and a more modern paint scheme?  The RV-10 is doing well.  You might be surprised how well the 801 and 640 would do with some promotion (my two cents).

Comment by Andre Levesque on November 20, 2011 at 1:59pm

Great presentation, I wasn't familiar with the 640. Thank you for sharing.

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