Hi guys.

My name is Al and I am from Calgary Alberta working on partially build 701 kit.

Just wondering going from 016 skin to 020 thickness would it make a big difference generally and is it worth it

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There wasn't even a trim change when I went from slats to VG's!  The slats will allow steeper ascents and descents which will allow to you get in and out of shorter strips or strips with higher approach obstructions.  I have a 2100' turf strip and all my buddies' strips are similar length, so I don't need the "super STOL" capability the slats provide.

In my STOL 750, the VG's lowered stall speeds about 5 knots and the lessened drag with slat removal increased cruise speed about 8 knots.  The slats (painted) weighed 14 lbs, so useful load was increased by that amount by deleting them.  Because the VG's lower stall speeds, the take-off and landing rolls are still short - not as short as it would be with slats, but you'd have to get out a tape measure to know the difference!  The 750 is much easier to land without slats as it doesn't lose lift as abruptly should you flare a little too high and too slow - just releasing a little back pressure gets the wing flying again and you don't have to carry power into the landing.

Remember, these comments are about a STOL 750, but I would assume a 701 would behave similarly.


Is it a good idea to replace two peace wing struts into one peace?

If by 2 piece you mean replacing the 2 struts on each wing with one, that would require a totally redesigned internal wing structure to handle the loading and torsional effects.


Hi John.

What I ment was instead having 8 peaces wing struts on both wings old style to replace with two peaces per wing.I know they have new aluminum stremline  ones with steel jury struts but they are pretty expensive.

Has anybody tried to install bearings on control tubes instead nylon and aluminum bushings?

What would be the best material to cover the interior all away arround to have the quitest cockpit?

Hi-Tech Foams sells "GIC" foam.  (I don't think it is listed on their website, but they have it if you call and inquire - it is pricey, however!)  It is approximately 1/2" thick and has a skinned exterior surface (looks like black wrinkled leather) that does not require covering on side-walls and overhead.  The backing has a very aggressive, conformable adhesive surface that sticks well - even when applied right over rivet tails.  It is amazingly light and will definitely quiet the cabin and reduce oil-canning, etc.  I applied it to the floor, under the seats, the sidewalls and overhead in the baggage area. (My rear baggage wall has a sound-dampening aircraft carpet on it and I didn't apply the foam there.)  I've been told by other 750 pilots that my plane is the quietest 750 they've ever rode in.  Although it is skinned foam, if used on the floor, it does need a floor mat to protect it from excessive wear.  It is burn-certified for aircraft as all interior materials should be.

Of course, a good ANR headset will also keep things quiet!  ;>)



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