Today, we achieved what was beginning to seem impossible - we received a letter, stamped from the Office of the President of Ghana.  The contents stated that we are allowed to start research into methods for aerial supply in case of emergencies using CH701 and CH801 aircraft.

This is the result of many years of lobbying - and at last it has come to pass that we can start.

We need ideas - we have some... we need more... we also need funds - but we get used to working without them, so don't worry about that!!! 

To find out more about what we do at Medicine on the Move and how we are using aircraft to change lives through building and flying as well as flying medical and agricultural personnel to rural locations, take a look at our website then, if you are really interested in being in the 'design loop'for dropping bags of rice, anti-venom and other amazing things, please e-mail us via expressing interest in contributing in ideas, funds or other ways, and we can then join you up to the 'closed' MoM discussion group on this topic.

This is a landmark achievement in this part of the world - and we invite you to help as we work to provide what could be one of the most amazing humanitarian aviation solutions using Zenith Aircraft (in fact any LSA or experimental) in Africa.

We look forward to hearing from you - and to sharing back here when we have some prototypes working !

[NOTE: Donations to MoM can be sent directly to Zenith Aircraft - please advise us that they are sent to and mark the donation as  'WAASPS/MOM Donation when sending to Zenith'  you may further identify how you want the donation used in your mail (e.g. aerial drops, flying medical staff, training, etc) THANK YOU]

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Persistance has finally paid off. GREAT WORK!!
Jonathan: Congratulations! Now I suppose the real work for you begins. Let me know how we can continue to support you in your great endeavors.
Sebastien Heintz.
Congratulations Jonathan sounds like it begins now.

After 2 sleepless nights with nothing better to do….it seems to me that accurate drops will be about 80% pilot training, 10% design and 10% pure unadulterated luck.

Once a reproducible delivery system is developed it’s pilot training. They will have to fly over the drop zone at a preselected altitude, at a consistent speed and always into the wind. The luck part is factored in to account for wind gusts, change in speed or direction with altitude. You may be able to account for wind direction, speed and any changes with altitude by dropping a rock with a long streamer on it. Just watch the tail to determine if there is a winds speed direction change.

Your aircraft of choice if your biggest asset. In a head wind you could almost hover over a drop zone. That or get really close to the ground to make the drop. Hell in the right conditions (a good head wind) you might be able to pull up next to the stranded party, hand them the supplies, ask for direction to the next needy family and be on your way. :P
Sounds like you have done this before... All are valid... we hope to drop the heavier items from a few feet using a sharp pull up and slide out from the pod technique. The cannisters are more of a challenge! I like the idea of hovering to hand it over - very personal touch!!! Look after that shoulder!


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