Let me start a fired up topic. Has anyone considered the WW Corvair 100HP for the 701? I know he did one prototype, but the 750 has taken over. But curious about the combo on 701? I know all the weight logic.

Thanks all

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If you want to use a push rod air cooled engine, why not just put the 0-200 on it?   It's proven, cheaper , and easy to get your hands on one.

Jesse, how do the weights of Corvair and O-200 compare?

I am building a 601, but still not decided on the engine...

I have searched and researched trying to find and analize the 0-200. Not cheap! Not so easy to find! Then rebuild??? Seems easy, but in reality ????
I'm not committed on any option at present except it won't be a Rotax. Not wealthy yet. Have always flown behind a 0-320...
Hey Jesse, if you do have some good leads on 0-200 engines that are reasonable, I wound really appreciate the the contact info. That engine is one on my radar, I just haven't had much luck locating one of proper type and good price.

Just came across one last night.  Go on Barnstormers click search-engines piston-continental.  Found one mid time, firewall forward ready to run for under 6k. 

Thanks, I am always looking, I do miss a lot I'm sure, anytime you notice a good lead I appreciate the info.

Thanks again!


I am building a Corvair with the mods and WW must have items I figure it's going to cost in the $9000 range can an O200 be done for less I have not sent any parts off for rehab so some degreaser, sweat and $250 is all I have invested at the moment.

Hey Herschel, so glad you replied!  I can't tell you how much research and work I have put into engine reseach for this build.  My last was an RV9A and I purchased a 0-320 Lycoming from AeroSport in Canada.  It was zero time rebuilt and a beautiful engine!  At that time it was 16K delivered to Seattle. Now days can't touch that equivalent for that plus another 10K.

Point though, I'm building the 701 this time, new mission and deep inside I want to build my own engine also. I don't think the AeroVee or equivalent will be quite the power I would like. I have always know Corvair engines can work well as aircraft engines if built correctly! After seeing WW did do a 701 I am really pulled that direction. The weight is a bit over Heintz's parameters, but it appears to be viable. The 0-200 is on the heavier side also and when you do an earnest search it is not a real cheap or easy alternative.

OK, enough of that, I only am wondering about the engine mount at this point, I have a welder, but am no way an aircraft quality welder. Keep me up on your project if you have the time.

Thanks Again,

I believe WW has a engine mount for the 701/750.

I know there is one for the 750, I know the 750 has a wider cabin than the 701 and wondered about the firewall. Also, well I suppose I should inquire to Williams site, but wondered about the weight distribution on CG between 750 and 701?

Viking 110 is "on-sale" ... $9,995 ...  They must be doing well.  I put down a deposit ($1,000 will get you in the build queue ... my delivery date is late August) for my 701 project.

I have got a core engine, torn down and cleaned. nice RH. 8409 mcrank, talked with Mark at Falcon and am shipping my 95hp heads to him for conversion.  I have ordered some of the gold oil conversion parts from WW in December but haven't gotten or heard on them yet?  I asked him if he could supply a mount, but no answer on that either?  I see Ray has one on his site, would like to get one because I am building the fuselage first and it would be nice to do some of the setup now.  Anyway, hope all is going good and appreciate any information and advice!!!!



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