My garage workspace is 20 x 18  , I'd like to know just how much can be built before the need to rent a hanger.   

The tail height issue can be dealt with by modify ceiling area, but can a UL engine be mounted and still be able to close garage door.(with rudder removed)  ??

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the Zenith spec sheet shows the longest length at 23 foot 3 in. I would think you could do everything except final assembly. With everything except the tail and wings installed it would probably have to be angled but I bet it would fit.

Tight fit at an angle. But if I remove a wall shelf it might be short term doable  :)

We we assembled our Cruzer fuselage inside our EAA chapter shop this winter.  It did fit after we removed a bench and cabinets - but it there was not only enough room to squeeze around the ends. We did have the engine mount on.

Don't forget the space you will need for a couple benches or tables..  We found it quite tight when we had more than a couple people present or when moving items around the shop. 

I personally suffered more than a few pokes and scrapes from protruding metal edges as I squeezed my fat ass around the ends of the fuselage (another motivator to get down to flying weight!).

If you place the fuselage diagonally you could fit, but it would be snug.  And only if  the indicated space is dedicated to the project (ie not share with family bikes, etc).

That said - I definitely say go for it and start in the garage.  There is much to work on before you need the full length anyway. The garage is closer to your kitchen fridge than a hangar so much more will get done.

  True , Main garage is setup well for all but final assembly

See Zenith site here... deduction for rudder and spinner could be estimated.  Your garage should be just shy of 27 feet on the diagonal.   Thank you Pathagoras.   Don't need no calculus - so why I got a minor degree in math???

  True on math.   Tight fit but doable without tail feathers on.

Tail height cam also be delt with by simply running your nosewheel up on a car ramp

  AHHHH ....  I like your thinking :)

I have my components pretty much done but due to door height and width, I cannot attach them.  I am in what they call a “builder’s hangar” at th airport which is the end perpendicular unit.  Great for building.  If you start in a garage you will probably get to about the point that I am with my 601 XL.  A word of advice, no matter where you start, get your name on the waiting list for a hangar at your airport.  My airport list is about a year out.  Good luck.

Something I hadn't really considered. I will check. A month ago there where 3 available.

I measured mine today.  From the end of the fuse (no rudder or h. stab) to the prop hub was 20' 5".  This is with the UL 350is engine.

I have a large garage - about 3 1/2 car bays wide with 3 garage doors - so I was able to completely assemble and rig my STOL 750 inside the garage and still keep my wife's car in the garage - happy wife, happy life!  Obviously, the plan was to break it down for paint and then do final reassembly in my hangar. However, it sat for some time completely assembled inside the garage while those "10% of the details that take 90% of the time" were addressed.

Every now and then, some clueless person would stop by and ask, "How are you going to get that airplane out of your garage?  The garage door's too small!"  

I'd stop, study the airplane and the garage door with a very concerned look on my face, and then say, "Guess I'll use lots of grease!"  ;>)




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