Hi guys and gals, finally got my Pmag installed in place of my crapped out Right side Slick mag, all went well and back in the air.

now I want to try and get my Dynon 180 autopilot working right. When I try to track a heading it wallows back and force. I’m using a SV42 for the roll, no pitch yet.

i have the sensitivity on max (25) torque 100%

I tightened up my aileron cables as tight as possible, the shear screw is not broken.

seems to be a fair amount of play when the autopilot is on, on the ground , when I try to move the ailerons by hand.

if you have the same setup and have yours working well, what am I missing?

spoke to Dynon, told me to check the play in the ailerons and check the shear screw. Done both.

any ideas?



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I am not familiar with the D180 since I have and HDX. What kind of connection do you have on the ailerons? A arm/link on the yoke OR a cabestan pulley with wire cables? Can you share a picture of the mechanical installation. Can you adjust the Gain on your AP like we can do on the HDX? On mine I raised the gain by 10% until good and its not chasing anymore. 

Here is a picture of how mine is installed. (On a CH650B) I used the Arm/Link setup. 

Hi Alain
Y Th hanks for the response
I have the same me arrangement as you do
On the mechanical connection
I have the gain/sensitivity on the max
Been trying to figure it out for about a year now.

i ended up installing a extra doubler under the aircraft to stop the servo from flexing the sheetmetal, drilled a hole on lowest point of aileron horn, settings used in dynon install guide have worked out nicely for me, the power of the servo really flexes the skin without a stable mounting

Thanks Chris
I did that too
That’s why I’m reaching out, tried pretty much everything. I am wondering if it could be a problem in the D180
I even tried a newer GPS
Went from a 496 to a 560 Garmin
No change

Have you checked the accuracy of the Dynon mag compass? Maybe time to redo the alignment, latest Dynon software? Just some more ideas

Hi Chris
Appreciate the suggestions
Compass is calibrated
How many degrees does your plane deviate when in a heading or track?

I check next flight, been hand flying mostly. The nav and heading are great some wallowing on track mode. I trim aileron and elevator for hands off before engaging AP. Dynon recommended setting is bank angle rather than roll rate from what I recall

My setup is similar on my 601XL-B.  D10-A, two axis Dynon AP, SV-32 servo to ailerons.  In calm air it works pretty well however, if there is turbulence it seems to get confused and apply incorrect output to cause wandering.  I have checked everything, re-calibrated the compass.  Usually a constant 10 degree variance before attempting to correct.  Occasionally

much more.  It is similar in both track and heading mode.  I have no solution yet so I am interested in the solution.

Thanks for your input Gary, did you ever check your shear screw on the servo?
Hopefully we can get it figured out.

Sv-42 on roll , 32 on pitch lube the roll tube frequently for ease of movement 


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