We've had a mild winter so far here in East Tennessee with some great flying days, but I took advantage of a rainy day when I couldn't fly my STOL 750 to relocate my flap switch.  I had originally mounted it at the bottom of the vertical face of the center console (for the life of me I can't remember the rationale for that location! LOL!).  I "guess" I didn't think I would be sitting as high as I am relative to the console and would be able to just slide my right hand forward to reach the switch (I have dual sticks and can hold the stick with the left hand and use my dominant right hand to manipulate switches and buttons.)  However, in actuality after the seat was finished and the cushion installed, I found myself reaching slightly down and forward to get to the flap switch - no big problem, but I've always meant to relocate it and after 9+ years and 725+ hrs, I finally got around to it!  Ha!

I already had a vacant hole right under the throttle where I had removed a throttle quadrant and installed the McFarlane "Vernier Assist" throttle above that location.  The vacant hole seemed a natural location for the flap switch since usually flap changes coincide with throttle changes.  It was close enough I can l leave my hand on the throttle and reach the flap switch with my finger tips and no more leaning forward and down to get to the switch!

I have the flap switch handle and anti-rotation plate available from Aircraft Specialty.  The rectangular black cover plate at the bottom of the vertical face of the console was the previous location originally for a rocker switch and later modified for a toggle switch - thought I'd just pop in a cover plate and leave the hole in case I ever need to add another switch for some reason.  Here's a pic of the new location:

The ergonomics of this works well with my centrally mounted throttle since I have dual sticks - the central location also allows the occupant of the right seat equal access when flying from the right side.



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One handed operation!!  Can't beat that.

Don't know if you reused the same switch mounting plate or made a new one, but the current switch plate's horizontal orientation and labeling matches the movement of the switch and is perfect for "up/down"...it jives with what would be going on in your head in a stressful moment, as opposed to going left/right.  Good move all around.

Actually, my original flap switch was a rocker and it was oriented (and labeled) up and down.  I didn't like the rocker so I made a plate to cover the rectangular hole and put a toggle switch in that was oriented similarly.  I attached the Aircraft Specialty flap-shaped handle to the toggle switch and that was better ergonomically.  When I decided to move the switch to the present location, I obtained the anti-rotation plate and that both prevents the flap handle from rotating crooked and also provided a label!



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