This pump has one bad review about o-rings needing replacement and the tube falling off inside the tank, but I don't want to condemn it on one review. Any thoughts about this and similar products and fuel handling at remote strips? I'm thinking of getting a trailer with a fuel tank mounted on the tongue, and using jeep cans.


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Just found the answer to my own question! According to Emory University:

Have you noticed the warning signs printed on gas pumps about the

dangers of static electricity while refueling your car? These warnings are

not a gimmick. “About 100 static-sparked fires occur at gas stations each

year, according to Fowler Associates, a S.C.-based electrostatic research

and consulting firm.” In March 2010, a Harrisburg, PA man died when

static electricity ignited gasoline vapors causing him to catch on fire as he

filled his gas tank.

That's nearly 1 every three days! Doesn't seem to make the news often, though!


I agree John but they do happen though.  You would think that with 55,000 vehicle deaths per year on US highways that the newspapers would have nothing but stories of car wrecks.  Alas, it's not news.  There are fueling incidents, they aren't news though.  Cell phones (used to) have been known to cause vehicle fueling incidents too. I think they have that one ironed out now. Before hoses with grounding wires inside were mandated, fueling fires were commonplace. 

And every year a few folks kill or maim themselves refueling a car with a lit cigarette dangling in their mouth or in their fingers. You would think that one would be so obvious, don't do it, but they do.

I was young and immortal (and stupid) way back when. OSHA did not exist yet, it was the sixties, and I worked as an auto mechanic. We cleaned parts in a five gallon pail of gasolene and we did it while smoking. Hey, it won't happen to me! I was lucky, it didn't. I got smarter and quit smoking in the early 70's. EPA didn't exist yet, either - when the gasolene got dirty we poured it out into the ground and put fresh fuel in from the pumps out front. I feel so guilty about that now, but we didn't know the harm it did - we were taught the ground could absorb anything and make it go away.

I have been gathering info to build a fuel trailer for a while. I got lucky and bought a lightly used one from a neighbor who was moving to another airpark. The new location has fuel at the airport (not true where I live and fly) so the trailer did not move to the new location. I got it, lucky me.

However, from my files, this is the most likely candidate, in my opinion. It is well thought out and also is street legal in every state, as far as I can tell. If you get over a certain size (around 110 gallons, by memory) you need DOT Hazmat training and all sorts of stuff to haul the gasolene. Also, the tank must be approved for use with gasoline, most of the tanks you see are only approved for use with diesel. Check this out....

Thanks for the info. Trailers used for race cars sometimes have a gas tank attached to the tongue/frame. I'm thinking of designing an aircraft trailer along those lines.



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