After reading time after time about major increases in aviation insurance premiums, I was holding my breath when my broker told me it was time to renew and she'd get me a quote.  To my great surprise, my premium quote was lower than last year!  The quote was down by about 4% - not a huge amount, but definitely in the right direction!  This is for exactly the same liability and hull coverage with no changes elsewhere in the contract.  Also, there was no change in my history as far as additional ratings, etc.

Just wondering if maybe the rates have peaked and we get an economic breather for a while? It's sure contrary to the way the rest of the economy is going - I paid $135 yesterday to fill up my F-250 diesel pickup!



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I am 74 years old, flying on Basic Med, have two planes insured (neither one is a Zenith - my 601XLB is far from finished, the other two planes keep me busy enough to make for a very slow build). The insured planes are a 1948 Stinson 108-3 and an Acey-Duecy hombuilt (built by someone else, I have already proven I don't have the time to build efficiently right now). My rates also have stabilized, I am happy to report, and so far they have not thrown me overboard due to age. I have been with the same company for a long time.

As mentioned, I am 74 and in good general health, on a Basic Med exam. I have about 25,000 hours with about 900 tailwheel time (both insured planes are taildraggers). So there is another data point for you all - they are still insuring me and not upping the costs this cycle.

I’m 65, plenty of total time, flying only the 701 we finished three years ago and I have just over 100 hours logged in this aircraft now.  No claims or incidents. Renewed with the same carrier last month and my cost also decreased by a few dollars.

That didn't go well for me. Had to pay more. 

Well ... as I originally posted last year, my insurance was down 4%.  Just got my renewal quote today and it is up - you guessed it - 4%.  The insurance company giveth, and it taketh away! LOL!


My insurance went down almost 10% and that includes a change in hull insurance from $30K to $40K.  However, I am a low time pilot and went from 100 hours to 150 hours, all in my CH601.

Our flying club went up 23% this year.  Not excited about seeing my Zenith renewal later this summer.  When I talked with Avemco about a flying club quote they said they increased rates last October. 

Hmm we have a mixed bag here for sure, my quote just came in unchanged from last year

Mine dropped year over year by a tiny bit for the first time for May 2023 re-up.

i had very reasonable rates for years but also had a lot of total time, instrument rating, no claims, etc.  I suspect mine will keep going up now though because I'm 72 and not getting any younger! LOL!  I had a well known aviation insurance expert tell me to keep racking up at least 50 hrs a year and they'll likely keep renewing me - here's hoping!


Mine went up approximately 10% even with an additional 112 hours in type over the past year. Age is beginning to work against me.

Haven't renewed this year YET. Last year I was new to the Aircraft Insurance world. Got a Quote from Avemco and was thinking I would Not be getting Insurance at those prices. Went to Falco and that was HALF the price, So I do have insurance with Falco.

I'm a Sport pilot with 400 hrs and 120 hrs in a 750 Now.  Had 25 hrs in type when I got the Quote.


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