And you happen to be there, please ask if their support for the iFly 740 series is soon to be discontinued. Just a premonition I have based upon their emailer sent out today offering current 740/740b owners a trade in credit for their EFB tablet. Hopefully they will support the 740 devices for years to come.

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Seems like I recall a recent statement that the 740/740B would continue to be supported, but I'm going to Sun 'n Fun and I'll press them on it!



Thanks John!

I was told that you can use the 740b as long as you wish, however it will not support future updates. So at some point, you will be left behind

Thanks Shawn. I notice their website seems to indicate one can no longer buy a new 740b. Their online store lists only their tablet as available for sale, and if you search for their 740b info page it states they are “sold out”. Note a BIG difference with their tablet according to their website- if your update subscription expires the tablet EFB functions will not operate. The 740b gives you a warning the chart database you’re using has expired but all flight functions continue to operate. 

I've been a IFly user for over 10 years with their 720 and 740 units, plus running the software on my phone for use in the cockpit. 

They have always been very customer oriented which was one of the main reasons I stayed with them.

What's going on now feels very different.

Their new tablet makes panel mounting very difficult (the mounting system us quite large and not adaptable for your existing panel mount, like mine).

Also the new unit is just a high NIT tablet , pretty much like any other tablet on the market. Why they added the bulkiness to make it waterproof and rugged, is beyond me. Who is using their NAV gps in these conditions?? My guess is that they have just put their own label on a unit manufactured under other names that was intended for outdoor use. This really makes no sense to me either. 

At some point in the future this tablet is supposed to be able to drive your autopilot, but that too, raises concerns. 

The 740b was a dedicated system that could /can drive your autopilot. Using what is essentially a generic android tablet to drive an autopilot just seems too prone to software glitches, conflicts when operating software gets updated, and conflicts with other installed apps, etc..

I get the idea that they want to become a software company, like Foreflight. However, Foreflight cannot be used to run an autopilot. This is probably because they understood the challenges noted above.

Letting a generic android tablet run your autopilot in potential life safety scenarios just doesn't make sense, imo. To be clear, one of the benefits of an autopilot is that it can help get you out of inadvertent IMC, or other low vis situations. Who wants to downgrade the control of their autopilot to a generic tablet?

Even though they are supposedly selling these tablets now, you can't actually buy one now. And they don't have the autopilot working on the ones they have supposedly sold so far.

This whole scenario has me wondering what the heck has happened to this company I used to trust. This seems like a drawn out fiasco that leaves the current customers in an uncomfortable situation. Since few people have bought this tablet so far, I wonder about the long term viability of the new company IFly EFB. Their leaving behind their old customers and I'm not sure at all how they are going to attract new ones with their current plan.

I just left Sun 'n Fun and Adventure Pilot was not there. I emailed them today and they said they would continue to support the 740/740b with data subscriptions. I agree with Gary the new tablet is rather clunky. I think they picked that one for the nits, but my 740 is brighter. The problem is the 740/740b doesn't have the processing ability to run their EFB app. I'm sticking with my 740 as it is panel mounted and don't want to redesign my panel for their tablet ... and told them that!

Over the years the one frustration I have had with Adventure Pilot is the lack of a useful users forum. There is a forum on their website but it is very rarely responded to. Sometimes you can contact Adventure Pilot directly and they will answer your questions. However sometimes it's nice to be able to get a different opinion or different solutions from people who are using the program. I just realized there is not a Facebook users group for the Adventure Pilot GPS or for their new efb. So I have now started one. It is called the iFly GPS and efb users group. You can search for it on Facebook.

I’m with you all. I asked AP via email the other day if that bulky tablet protective case is removable because of its awkward bulk- the reply was “no, but here are some photos of how some customers have mounted them in their cockpits.” It is unnecessarily large and clunky for aviation use and I won’t buy one when my 740b fails. It won’t fit in my plane. I have no panel space, leg mount space, or control wheel mount option for it in my 701. I’m already researching alternatives for my 740b in the event it fails and I’m not encouraged. Phones and tablets are OK if you can shield them from the sun and keep them cool but they are not near as good as a true aviation device like the 740b. The Garmin 660 seems to be my only reasonable alternative but that would lock me in the Garmin Products Only compatibility prison. The 740b is a versatile little aviation cockpit device with very good readability in full sun and an excellent form factor. Why they are doing this to their customers is beyond me. 

So, I was wondering if it was just me who had this problem and concerns with Adventure Pilot. Thanks for letting me know that I am not alone. 


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