Jabiru Gen 4 3300/Mikuni-clone PD42J carb/AeroInjector TBI Carb

I had posted earlier (and have now deleted) that I was getting erratic EGT's (but stable and normal CHT's) running my AeroInjector TBI carb on my new Gen 4.  I had retained the AeroInjector from my Gen 2 and removed the PD42J as it made the engine swap much simpler since I did not have to replace all the control cables, etc.  Nick at Arion, the Jabiru dealer, said this was OK and wouldn't void my warranty.

I tried different configurations of mounting the AeroInjector to the Gen 4 and never could get a good, stable EGT balance.  I was just about tempted to remove the AeroInjector and install the PD42J, even though I would have to run new carb cables, etc.  I had a number of questions about the PD42J performance and posted a topic with several questions.  Then, as sometimes happens, I tried one last configuration of mounting the AeroInjector and the result was stable, near-perfect EGT balance and balanced CHT's, too!  I mounted the AeroInjector directly to the plenum spigot with a rubber coupler and then mounted an approximately 6" diameter x 3" tall K&N filter directly to the intake bell on the AeroInjector.  I'm pretty sure I had tried this configuration previously, but with a differently shaped filter.  I flew this combo for an hour with the previously mentioned excellent results - same experience I had on my Gen 2 although it was mounted differently on the Gen 2!  Go figure! Ha!

So, the plan is now to get some more hours to be sure this is reproducible, but it was so stable for the entire hour I think I'm "there!"



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Hello John, Thanks for the post. I enjoy posts about the Jab 3300. I have flown behind the Jab 2200 on my 701. I have a 650 that has a Jab 3300 2nd Gen. This plane is in the build stage. The 3300 has not been started by me. The previous kit owner never finished building and I bought it. Jabiru USA serviced the engine about 7 years ago. I don't know what I should do about the 3300 2nd Gen. My new plan is to bite the bullet and buy a Gen 4. Can you post a picture of your new setup. I am not familiar with Aero injector carb and its setup or operation. FYI I removed the 2200 and replaced it with 912uls. I have a running 2200 2nd Gen?. mounted on the hangar wall and possibly a Gen 2 3300 in the near future. Lots of $ hanging on the hangar wall. 

Hi Jerry!  I'll get a pic when I'm over at the hangar this afternoon.  I assume your 3300 Gen 2 has a Bing carb?  If so, there's nothing wrong with that carb,, it's just that I love to experiment and prefer having a mixture control which the Bing doesn't have, so I tried the AeroInjector.  It's made by AeroConversions, a division of Sonex Aircraft.  It's a very popular carb on the 3300 when installed in Sonex's - also light weight and not too expensive.  However, while installation is simple, there's a steep learning curve sometimes getting it tuned and trouble-free.  Technically, it's not a true "carb," but rather a gravity fed throttle body injector - it's NOT a high pressure fuel injection system.


Here's a pic of the AeroInjector mounted to the plenum spigot on the Gen 4 and a K&N filter mounted directly on the intake bell of the AeroInjector:



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