I have the Homebuilt Help video of the O-200 installation and it shows Jon remote mounting his oil sender on a O-200. He uses two AN fittings and a hydraulic line hose. 

Has anyone done this and know what the part numbers are? I am having problems understanding what sizes to order. 

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Hi Steven,  I have an F&M oil filter adapter installed on my o200,  my adapter requires a 1/4" npt fitting, my fitting is a steel version made by eaton, can't recall what the vdo sensor requires, sorry..... be sure to insert a restrictor slug in the npt fitting at the oil adapter, the idea is to limit the flow of oil out of a broken line or sensor, a #60 hole in the slug is plenty big to measure the pressure.  

Where do I get the restrictor plug? That's a great ideal! Could I make one? 

Hi Steven,  there are some pre-made fittings that already have the restriction built in, however, I was not able to find one with the correct thread combination for my installation.  I ended up buying some aluminum round stock of approximately the same size, using a file and a drill press I was able to turn it down to the proper size to get a tight press fit. 

TS Flightlines can provide the flex hose and fittings in a complete assembly for very reasonable price.

They are great to work with, even on a one-off line like this. Give them the flex hose length, the engine type and the part number on the sensor and they'll figure out and fab up what you need. Any problems, they'll fix it no charge. They did mine for me an if I recall correctly, it was under $30. 

To state the obvious, this is definitely not a item you want to have a problem with. Having the full hose and fittings built and tested properly is rather important.

Thank you Clint and Gary for the reply's. I emailed TS Flightlines on Friday night and Tom replied immediately! He was super helpful, I must say that I have never had such good customer service, ever. We discussed the details of what I needed and to my surprise, he shipped it on Saturday! I received the oil line today, Monday!  It was a perfect fit. Absolutely the best company I have done business with.

I had seen on the Homebuilt Help Video of Jon's remote oil sender mounting and really liked it. He made his with an 18' line and I did the same. I probably could have shorted it by and inch or so but I am very happy with my result.  By the way, this is on a Continental O-200 installation on a Stol 750. 

In this pic, I have zip ties holding it in place, I'm waiting on Spruce to send me the Adel clamps for cali to properly attach the system.

TS Flightlines is the go to company for all the Rv builders - and they are a very picky and knowlegeable bunch. 

I don't know how Tom keeps up with all the customers because everyone has some technical issues. I also dont know how they keep their prices so low.

Your experience is typical. Its great to have soneone who really understands hoses, yubing, fittings and engine components that can make sure you get the right stuff.

Hello All----Tom Swearengen of TS Flightlines and AS Flightlines, the joint venture with Aircraft Specialty. Special thanks to Steven Ward and Gary Welch for the plug for our products. Some of you may know us from another forum and another brand of experimental, but we build fluidlines for all kinds of flying machines. Extensive work with Rotax, UL Power, as well as alot of custom creations. Steve and I are pleased to make your acquaintences, and hope to be able to assist any of you in your projects.



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