I've got a 20 year old 914 that is new in a box, has never been started except maybe in the factory, that is going on my 750 Cruzer in due course. I would like to know if the firewall is the same between the 750 and the 750 Cruzer, think its a silly question but I need it verified. I also am keen to know if there is any pitfalls or things I can manage now in the choices I make with Skytek of Canada for my FWF kit. It seems like there is a fair bit involved and I only have one shot at getting it right the first time, from Canada out to Australia one way is going to cost enough, let alone if something isn't right, you'd probably resort to throwing it away. So, the ring mount is already on my engine in the box, I don't know whether that ever changed or whether it'll mate to whatever Skytek send me. If anyone has gone down the FWF path from Skytek and has a few minutes, I'd love to speak off list. My email is 



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Hi Tony,

If Skytek can supply you with shop drawings it might answer your concerns.


Hey Perry,
That too is a good idea. Darian from SkyTek is very helpful….. I should win in the end.

Thanks Perry, that's a good idea...why didn't I think of that. 

I believe the ring mount has never changed, but you can check the installation manual for your specific engine (by serial number) and the bolt pattern is given in x,y,z coordinates in a table in chapter 10-10-00, section 2, subsection 2.3. All the manuals and service letters are available for free at https://www.flyrotax.com/p/service/technical-documentation It takes a while to learn how to navigate them, but basically once you do, you can find an answer to almost every question. Taking a Rotax course is very helpful in this regard, if there's one near you.

I haven't dealt with Skytek myself, but I've heard good things about them. It's probably worth phoning them directly with your questions. Also, Rotech (across the field from Skytek in Vernon) is an authorized Rotax dealer and they've been very helpful over the phone with me even when I wasn't buying something from them. They're old school and friendly, so the phone is better than email. You might have a similar Rotax dealer closer to home.

I don't know about the firewalls. I would phone or email Zenith about that one.


Hi Matt,
That’s a great help, thank you for that. That page reference in the installation manual is gold.
Downunder we don’t have the Rotax courses very often, I’m none too sure whether we do at all, but there is maintenance courses, I need to do one of those anyway.

I'm happy to help! Now I feel like I did something useful yesterday.

Email sent

Thanks again Jason


Your engine has been sitting in a box for 20 years? 

Yep, it was for another project I didn’t finish.

Wow, that must be a storage record! Did you/do you plan to send it back to a Rotax service center prior to putting it into service? 

its complicated. There is 2 schools of thought, one is to get it serviced and pulled right down, thousands of $, or even price unknown, give them your wallet, or the other is to put it into service like a brand new engine. The latter will involve the normal rubber component replacements, however I have replacement silicone hoses already to install. I believe the likelihood of corrosion is probably small. Its an anxiety for sure, but I have a good mentor mate who put his into service after 16 years and its purred ever since. Open to words of wisdom though......


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