51 Drones, one of the YouTube channels about flying drones,  had a very positive review about this TRIPLTEK 8" Pro.  The reviewer kept mentioning how bright it was, even in direct sunlight, liked the fact that it was heat resistant to 120F and didn't go dark like his Apple phone and tablet, and had a 12,200 mAh battery (no, that's not a typo - 12,200!). 

I looked at the specs a little more and found that the screen is 1200 nits - that's an aviation-level of brightness.  The touch-screen is military-grade and works with gloves on.

Looks to me this would be ideal for an instrument panel display in an experimental!  Just wondered if anyone has actually evaluated it for use in their panel or has experience with it?



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Very interesting.

The iFLY GPS EFB is 7" and 1100 Nits and 1650mAh @ $599.   Versus TriplTek Pro with 8" / 1200 Nits / 12,200 mAh  @ $795.

So the Tripltek unit has good value and great specs, but seems to be have no built in aviation functionality.

I am evaluating another display,  Will build an application and hardware for engine monitor. 

It seems pretty bright, may use a larger one, this one is a 2.4"  will probably go with a 5"

Arnie, may I ask what that display is?  I have a nice EMS that I made for my Kitfox that I ended up scrapping because I couldn't find a bright enough display.

this is a Nextion display, it has a free software to develope the HMI.  It is pretty easy, took about 1 afternoon to learn how to use it and build my first example.  I have done some enhancement since then.  They make a variety of sizes up to 7" I believe.

nice,  what are you using to populate the display?

I'm using a Pixhawk controller for a drone.  It sits right behind the display. The speed indicator is GPS or ground speed.  I have a conventional ASI on the panel for air speed.  As long as you have a GPS feeding the kalman filter in the Pixhawk, the gyros stay stable and the AI is accurate.  Pity that it is too dim for the Kitfox it currently lives in.  My CH601 will get a GRT Sport.

I may not have enough brightness either,  the 5" is only 300 nits.   I am not familiar with how bright is needed.

Should be at least 1000 nits.  The display I showed you is being replaced by a turn coordinator and the EMS I made is being replaced with an MGL Blaze. 

Maybe this is the TripleTek screen?  Made by Mitsubishi.


The datasheet for it;


But it doesn't appear to be a touch screen.

Correct.  Missed that key element.  I tried again for a few minutes to locate an 8" // Touch // 1200 nit  panel.

Would be nice to know the source.   But no luck.


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