I thought this is a well done, super helpful video and apparently the first of an entire series. He is painting a CH750 CruZer, his other videos are also worthwhile watching:


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While my priming/painting is a long ways off, I really appreciate it when builders like Mark take the time to make videos like this.  Very helpful!   Tim

Great video.  I used Alodine on my 750 and it wasn’t fun to use, or clean up.  I am starting a 650 this Winter

and will try your cleaning method.  Thanks for the tip.

Robert in Kansas

Hi Robert,

I drove myself (almost) crazy whether to Alodine or not.

Environmental concerns regarding the super toxic chromates, which must absolutely not get into the ground or the public sewer system and that it simply doesn't appear necessary anymore with modern epoxy primers, made me decide against it.

Also, many modern cars have a lot of aluminum parts on them. Yet, the repair instructions only call for cleaning, scuffing and coating with epoxy primer.

For example, the instructions for PPG DPLV epoxy primer: http://www.nedsautobodysupply.com/PPG_DPLV_Epoxy_Primer_1_11_1_.pdf

Cadillac CT6, note how many aluminum parts are in areas in which they get hammered with rocks and salt. Still, just clean, sand, epoxy primer:


My painter used a similar system - epoxy primer and Nason catalyzed urethane color coat.  One tip he told me - if you try to scuff riveted surfaces with a Scotchbrite pad, it is easy to get a "halo" of unscuffed metal immediately adjacent to the domed rived heads - not good!  He used Presta "Scuff Stuff" with an abrasive pad to scuff riveted surfaces.  The Scuff Stuff gets in and around rivets and thoroughly scuffs the metal.  I was concerned it would pack into the rivet heads, etc., but it very easily washes out with water and worked great!

One caution - don't even think about setting up a temporary spray booth in a hangar shared with others.  If it's a municipal airport, spray painting in the hangar is probably prohibited, anyway.  We once had a guy (unbeknownst to anyone) set up a temporary spray booth in a large community glider hangar (it was on private property) and the overspray got on several gliders.  Needless to say, he made a very costly mistake!




This sounds like a great idea, never heard of it before.
As I was just doing some research regarding "Scuff Stuff", I also stumbled across SEM "Scuff and Clean" ad 3M "06013 Scuff-It Paint Prep" which appear to be similar products. Particularly the 3M product has great reviews, I'll give that a try.

I've just posted the second video in my painting series. I filmed the complete process from start to finish of painting the elevators (and a couple of other parts.) At the end of the video, I show you a couple of cool things! You can check it out by clicking the link to my YouTube channel...



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