If you want to see a complete saga of my life threatening issues with Viking see: https://www.vikingenginesissues.com/

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Michael is certainly correct that there may be a problem or series of problems with any engine brand. By the same reasoning, it is not unexpected that an occasional report of a negative experience with any engine brand can occur.  In this particular discussion, each member can assess how factual is the information/documentation of the report. Mr. Eggenfellner has addressed at least one of the issues in a separate discussion in this forum.

As moderator, all that I ask is not to ascribe motives to members on either side of an issue.  Please just present the facts, stay on-topic, and be courteous.  Now would be a good time to review the Member Rules.

We have a great membership with so much useful information and advice to share!  Thanks for the privilege of participating with you.


Zenith.aero Forum Moderator

Thanks John...

Well said.   In my long post of factual information, I provided the link to the thread referenced by John just now.

The examples from multiple other engine suppliers that  I provided simply show how engine development works.      

I would invite readers to do as I have over the past nearly ten years and follow the Viking forum.  There it is easy to gain an accurate picture of how the company functions, its engine development process, and genuine customer experience. 


Watching Viking's hard earned success in providing more engine choices for Zenith builders as well as builders of multiple other aircraft kit makers has been a valuable education.  

Viking has felt no need to interact or defend itself in these matters, due to the fact that ALL of the information is already out there and has been- and quite frankly Michael stated matters just as clearly and efficiently as we could of, heck better - proving that the information is out there. 

Between that and the massive number of happy customers - the matter need not turn into a he said - she said with a number of back and forth conversations had on this matter with every customer - we simply have no time for something that was already settled and taken care of.

That being said even massive companies all around the world aviation, vehicles etc. have had massive recalls and fixes for them and provided a fix, just as we did. You can have happy customers all over the world and have the few that feel the need to continue to try and bring someone down - and being a small company they feel like they can cause the most damage because they can individual attack a person for blame, unlike that of a large corporation.

This was no "secret" Plus, any manufacturer who has had "No" problems is the one you should be worried about. Every individual in this matter was contacted and every one taken care of - a lot of those customers flying happily now. 

A thank you to our Viking customers that are happy and are successfully flying for thousands of hours and we would rather spend our time for our customers than an already settled matter for nothing more than pure retaliation and blame and will continue working hard to provide both a quality product at an affordable price. 

Leave the drama for the kiddos and get back to building and flying!

Thank you, 


Viking Aircraft Engines

Hello John...

Excellent clarification.    Much appreciated.    

What we see here is a close parallel between our Zenith Forum and Australia ATSB  where bad data was used in two cases (Viking and Jabiru) to bring harm to small and growing engine manufacturers. 

Whether by Internet web page and forum, or by a misguided regulator, the result is still the same.  Potential buyers can be misled.   We all know that what is on the Internet lives forever.     

In addition, in both cases the engine developers took appropriate steps.  Both Jabiru and Viking deserve, as you and I have done, to be presented in a fair and proper manner based on current and complete information.  Indeed, all facts do matter.   

Just as Viking upgraded the critical part, it is obvious Jabiru has done the same for its identified failings.   That is readily apparent as noted as in your notation.. 560+ trouble-free hours on 3rd generation Jabiru 3300.  And now 4th gen.   

The smaller Jabiru 2200 also had serious growing pains BUT which have also long been rectified.   I understand that the four big issues with the 2200 engines were insufficient lubrication of the upper valve train, through bolt failure, flywheel bolt failure and cylinder head overheating.  The Service Bulletins and cooling fin modifications appear to have addressed all of these issues.

So I think the picture is now quite well clarified.   

Let us appreciate the wealth of well proven engine alternatives now available and supported by Zenith.   Choices are good to have, especially when all the options are also good.  

Thanks again.


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Unfortunate.   But highly relevant to this thread.   


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