I was just wondering how many of you out there have experienced the same thing I have.

Every time I tell my family or friends that I'm building an airplane they all get this horrified look on their face and tell me they know all kinds of people that have died in homebuilt aircraft and they're sure I will be the next one if I go ahead with this insanity. When pressed they can never give me any names or specifics though.

So I was just wondering what everyone else's response is when they get this from family and friends.

I have rigged up several 2 x 4's and some bed sheets, took a picture of it, this is what I show them when they ask what my airplane looks like. At that point they just turn several shades of white and don't have much more to say about it. Usually it's all I can do to not burst out laughing..

So what is a good answer or comeback to people like this.

Take care and appreciate the joy of building.... there's nothing better in life.

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I have several certified aircraft as well as nearing completion on my STOL CH750, and I routinely get similar responses from people as you have.  If it's any consolation, I get nearly similar reactions to flying a certified light GA aircraft from many people, as I do regarding the building of an aircraft.

People that do not fly are never going to understand the desire to fly or the desire to build.  That's just reality.

You can just remind those skeptics, that few people will ever really fulfill their dreams, but people that build an airplane and then fly it are among the few that really see their dreams come true.

Also not a bad idea to inform them that you are building a proven design, designed by a very experienced and well respected Engineer, and that there are thousands of his designs flying.  More than some certified aircraft.

Kind Regards,

Jeff Frank

Try telling them that you built your own airplane and put a Corvair engine in it if you really want to get their attention LOL. The first thing they say is CORVAIR IS UNSAFE AT ANY SPEED!!!

That's only if they are very old!  Otherwise they will say what is a Corvair or perhaps did you mean Corvette!  :-)

I'd often tell them that there is nothing at the end of a long careful life, except a wet nurse waiting to change a bed pan.

If they continue on, tell them, "Ok.  I'll not ever invite you to fly."

I have many that told me they would fly with me.

I always ask why they thought I would ask them too.

I feel blessed every time I fly or even walk in the hanger seeing what I did.

God gave me the ability to acomplish my dream.

Dream it! Build it! Fly it!

Get properly checked out and do your first flight too! Don’t rob yourself of it!

N997DC - dream catcher!

First flight for sure, it's the icing on the cake!



The first line in my comment should be; I have many that told me they “Wouldn’t Fly With me!”

- Sorry!
My passenger warning on the panel says (this aircraft was home built like Noah's ark not like the certified titanic)

I'm going to get a sticker to apply immediately below it that says:





As a pilot since I was 16, and now at 56, all I can say to this is Just do It! I've suffered at the hands of people, specifically the Ex In laws who never really got it."Why do you want to do that? " " I wouldn't want to do that!" The difference my friend is you are you and they are....Well,,,,,,Confined in their ability to dream and believe that they can do anything outside of the direct line of their vision. My ex in laws,  being from a small country town, I referred to their shortsightedness as "Levy Bank Syndrome". What you can't see from your small, low view of the world can't possibly be real or achievable. They should have been named the Croods! LOL. 

Fortunately I had very few people express that sentiment.  My usual reply was that at the very least it was a death of my own choosing.  Oddly enough, a couple of the people expressing concern have flown in my death trap / coffin.  I can only assume they had a death wish.

Interesting that this is one of the longest threads in recent history.

We all have some experience with this line of conversation, from genuine intrigue to horror. Just another aspect of home building which is a grand adventure.


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