For what its worth, the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority has just issued a discussion draft of a proposed ruling that would limit the operation of Jabiru powered aircraft in Australia.

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Thanks for sharing.


Without supporting data, this seems like a gross over-reaction to me. Whats "a high and increasing number of engine failures" ... 2 last year and 3 this year, 200 last year and 300 this year, etc???  Which engines - the 4 cylinders, the sixes, early production, recent production, are these due to improper maintenance,  the questions are endless due to lack of information. Since this still allows pilots to elect to fly Jabiru engines during this investigatory period, how is the pilot to make an informed decision as to risk when no data is presented?

In the U.S., normally, an engine manufacturer would issue a Service Bulletin or the FAA issue an A.D. on specific engines and specific serial numbers. This wholesale, shot-gun approach could potentially irreparably harm Jabiru and harm the value of aircraft with their engines. As I understand it, this is just a draft proposal - I hope this is just some bureaucrat that has become a loose cannon and maybe it will go nowhere if the data doesn't support it. We need some facts! It really seems curious that their comment period is only one week long! Talk about a "rush to judgement!"  I'm going to send a comment - don't know if they'll consider the comments of those who are not "down under!"

Obviously, I'll follow the developments with great interest! :>(



I'm afraid here in Australia our aviation is not very well regulated at all. Draconian and capricious are two words that come to mind.

Update - From Jabiru Aircraft's Facebook page:


Jabiru met with RA-Aus and the CASA in Canberra today in a lengthy and fruitful meeting.

For the present, the CASA consultative instrument is not applicable.

Jabiru expressed its concern about its publication of the proposal which you probably know was issued yesterday, 13th November, about 18 hours before our scheduled meeting started. RA-Aus was also concerned about this super short notice with limited time to respond.

We are very pleased to report that we and CASA have reached an agreement on a pathway forward. That proposed limitations may not come to fruition, however Jabiru has much work to do. Jabiru has already put in place a range of reforms and is demonstrating to the CASA clear willingness to improve engine reliability.

What all parties in the meeting agreed was the need for improvement in the flow and accuracy of information about engines and incidents. This needs the full co-operation of all aircraft owners and operators. 

Please keep information flowing to Jabiru, the RA-Aus or the CASA in response to the CASA website request. It greatly assists air safety.

We thank RA-Aus President Michael Monck and CEO Michael Linke for their thoughtful and positive assistance and for putting RA-Aus' position forward.

In the meantime Jabiru once again encourages all affected stakeholders to contact CASA with their views on the proposed restrictions and to engage with other appropriate parties to escalate their concerns if they wish to.

As per our earlier advice the relevant contacts are:

The Minister for Transport, the Hon Warren Truss,

Your local federal member details can be found at with state and local details available at the relevant government website.

Lee Ungermann of the SASAO office within CASA can be contacted at

Please include on all correspondence to CASA and members of parliament.

The Jabiru Australia website has some more information on what the problem was and what has been done to eliminate it.

Good reading if you are interested in a JAb3300 in your plane.

Air safety has released some data on Jabiru on why they are thinking of the restrictions.
Well not much discussion from CASA this restriction was pushed through on the 22 of December giving an extemption till 31st of January to fly your aircraft to a suitable strip so you can still fly them have I have put the link below if it affects you in Australia has ever read.

I don't see how they'd logically justify restrictions.  The report says they've identified no systemic cause for any failures.  They didn't include any aircraft from the VH fleet, which is a lot.  They excluded trikes and weight shift aircraft, which is one heck of a lot of Rotax engines.  They didn't even delineate between the different Jabiru engine models.  So not only did they not bother to investigate well enough to come up with any semblance of a suspect part or system in this investigation, they didn't even bother to identify an engine.  My confidence in Jabiru is not shaken.  My confidence in Australian aviation agencies on the other hand, is on seriously shaky ground.


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